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Accounting Career Salary

Lauren Said:

Accounting career question?

We Answered:

In general, your have job skills working for a corporation than for taxes. Corporations your also have more upward mobility can will have different job functions every week. Month end for a corporation can be stressful. Many companies have month end closing for accounting and need to double check the work for instance for General ledger or sales amounts.

I would say your have more job security for a corporation. Taxes you may get laid off at the end of tax season or have slow periods. Working for a corporation your salary should be higher as you move up the ladder. Also work for a company that gives stock options and bonuses and your be on top again. Most corporation accountants or finance majors work 40 hours per week sometimes more with month ends. Good luck!

Lorraine Said:

what is the salary for an accounting technician?

We Answered:

Accounting technician in California makes about 50 k in the public sector.

Harvey Said:

What would be a good career being an accounting or being a nurse?

We Answered:

It all depends on what your interests are because both jobs are very different from each other. However, they are both in good demand, especially nursing.

The median salary for a staff RN in Florida is around 55-60,000 a year, depending on which field you are part of.

An entry-level accountant makes around 35-45k a year. A level 4 accountant makes around 65,000 a year. But again, with accounting there are many jobs out there so it depends on which side you choose to work for. You could become Vice President of accounting and make 150,000+.

Good Luck!

Dwayne Said:

What would you consider the best overall career? Accounting, lawyer, doctor, engineer, pharmasist.?

We Answered:

Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Accountant, and finally Pharmacist

Mabel Said:

Is Marketing or Accounting a promising career?

We Answered:

Marketing and Accounting can both be lucrative careers. For people with college degrees in accounting, starting salaries for small firms are in the $40K range. For larger firms (who typically hire students from better schools) the starting salaries can be in the $50K-60K range. However, you need a degree in accounting for almost any accounting job, or at least a certificate (Associates Degree) for even the lower-paying accounting jobs. For marketing, the degree requirement isn't so stringent... but then, "marketing" is a much bigger field than accounting. Don't fall for these scam companies, though, like the ones people are posting here. Your best bet is to get your degree, and then go to work for a large company with full-time employees and benefits, if you can. Your college can probably help you with finding a job, and doing paid/unpaid internships while in college can help you figure out what you like best. If you're good with math and like numbers better than you like people, go with accounting. If you like people better than numbers, I'd say go with marketing. I'm in sales and while I was decent at math, I'm better at relating to people. Also, marketing can turn into many different types of careers (sales, executive positions, marketing jobs, advertising, nonprofits, management, etc.), while if you go into accounting, you'll likely be more or less stuck in an accounting or finance career (CPA, financial planner, controller, Chief Financial Officer, accountant, actuary, etc.).

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