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Medical Field Careers

Mabel Said:

List of Doctors/medical field careers & their salaries please!!?

We Answered:

Here's a salary chart from showing median physician salaries by specialty:…

And another showing median median medical salaries for individuals who have earned a Doctor of Medicine degree (listed by job title):…

Finally, here are two more links, one showing dermatologist salary data and the other showing the median salary of a pediatrician:……

Hope that helps

Glenda Said:

What are some good careers in the medical field?

We Answered:

A medical profession is always worth considering, from nurses and surgeons right down to hospital cleaning crews. The resource in the box below has some fantastic tips and tricks on joining this laudable industry. My brother got some fantastic guidance from there before getting a profession as a medical admin assistant.

Constance Said:

Careers in the medical technology lab field?

We Answered:

Most of these jobs are low-paying and boring. But they are steady work in dismal economic times. The only employers are hospitals. Try to become a Registered Nurse. That has some wonderful opportunities and you could still be a lab tech..

Jacqueline Said:

what are some fun and interesting careers in the medical field that will take less than 10 years of college ?

We Answered:

check out and then occupational outlook and it should give you the answers to you question. Good luck.

Kelly Said:

Careers in the medical field specifically involving bloodwork?

We Answered:

A 4-year program to a job working with blood and body fluids to diagnose diseases etc. would be a medical technology or clinical laboratory science.
There is also a 2-year program that is somewhat similar to this but with less responsibilities and less pay, which would be clinical laboratory technician I believe.
The general category of what you are interested is clinical laboratory science, and you will find the kind of program that you are looking for at an allied health school. I think what it's called is Clinical Laboratory Technician. I've seen it abbreviated CLT/MT also. has a search feature to look for schools that offer the program that you want. Also you can try google, they could be missing some.

Scott Said:

What careers in the medical field will continue to grow betweeen now and the next 30 years or so?

We Answered:


The US Department of Labor publishes an amazing annual report called the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Check the link below, and you'll find the entire report available online (for free, of course).

The government gathers information on thousands of occupations and puts together a summary of things like:

What kind of education do you need to get a job in this field?
What are the working conditions like?
Who are the major employers?
What is the outlook for future growth in this field?
What are the median salaries that people in this profession earn?
What are the accrediting bodies in this field?

If you look through the alphabetical directory, you'll find dozens of medical professions, with a good-sized summary of all of the information (and more) that I mentioned above. I think you'll find the Occupational Outlook Handbook very useful.

I hope this helps!

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