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Career Goals Nursing

Albert Said:

help writing a 200 word nursing career goal essay.?

We Answered:

The subject of your paragraph went in too many different directions. You listed the following attributes: strong, dedicated, committed, hardworking and responsible. Then you failed to give any details of why these words can describe you. You finished with a description of yourself (very, loving, gently and caring) without connecting that description to what you had already listed.

I think what you are trying to say is that you are both a dedicated and nurturing person. Dedicated describes all of the following: strong, committed, hardworking, and responsible and nurturing describes all of the following very loving, gentle and caring.

You need to re-write this paragraph and make it an introduction paragraph where you describe why a good nurse would have the attributes of dedication and nurturing. Then one paragraph where you give examples of your dedication. In the third paragraph give examples of your nurturing. And in your concluding paragraph bring up that you have always wanted to be a nursing since you were a little girl.

Wanda Said:

Would a Certified Nursing Assistant program help with towards a career as a Registered Nurse?

We Answered:

Well, it won't hurt, but for a more competitive and better-educated advantage, I would recommend taking an EMT course instead of being a CNA. While you would learn basic patient care with a CNA course, an EMT course is way more stringent when it comes to academics and that will help you with preparation for the more difficult college courses. Also, with the EMT course, you can land you an Emergency Dept Tech position, which pays far better than a CNA. It will also allow you to do and see far more things than working as a CNA (in a nursing home or the hospital) ever could.

Nathan Said:

How can i start writing a paper about a career goal in nursing?

We Answered:

Perhaps start out by explaining your reasons for getting into nursing in the first place. What attracted you to this profession? Then, as you go on, talk about how your experiences are shaping what your long-term goals are.

Loretta Said:

FSU College of Nursing Carreer Goals... help please!?

We Answered:

Well, what are your goals? What area do you hope to work in? Why? Just write your reasons from the heart, but make sure you use proper grammar, spelling, and keep it under the 800 characters (but not too much under).

Best wishes!

Tanya Said:

the goals as nursing?

We Answered:

The field of nursing attracted me for several reasons. The first reason being, that a nurse is the front line person in caring for others and saving lives.

The nurse will in many cases such as in the hospital or homecare environment discover the patient who needs emergency attention before the physician. It will be up to the nurse to respond accordingly within the scope of their practice and hospital procedures. Why does this facet of nursing attract me?

Well, it is because that this type of responsibility is not too far off from the type of responsibility that a physician has, which is what I had hoped to become many years ago. Nurses did not have that crucial level of responsibility initially.

Because of this, many patients died. For instance, a nurse from the past may not have known the therapeutic values of electrolytes and blood gases thereby putting the patient's health in jeopardy. Now, in present times, the nurse must know all of the pertinent lab values and act upon any change immediately, either by calling the physician or implementing standing orders.

The other aspect of nursing that is also attractive to me in becoming a nurse, is that the nurse uses therapeutic communication and treats the patient's response to real or perceived illness. This is the corner stone of which nursing is based on.

The holistic approach is so successful in helping patients to heal. I am a firm believer that for an individual to be able to heal from without, they must first heal from within. Therefore the nurse can help clients to adapt and grow in a positive way rather than negative. Since all of nursing is now based on evidenced practice, it is exciting to be able to put the scientific method to use. There are now logical and provable reasons that a nurse should take a particular course of action.

These are just some of the reasons which have attracted me to the profession of nursing.

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