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International Nursing Careers

Gilbert Said:

Some Nursing Questions?

We Answered:

A nurse Practitioner (NP) is similar to a doctor. They write prescriptions and make medical diagnoses. You have to become an RN BSN before you become an NP.

Nursing school is one (LPN) to four (RN-BSN) years depending on what you're doing. To become an NP, is an additional three years to the RN-BSN.

Dale Said:

abour OTP for international student in the US?

We Answered:

Once you are inside of the United States, your F1 visa serves no other legal purpose-- what defines your status is your I-20. If that is still valid, and you are still in school and maintaining a full course load, then you can apply for OPT.

If you do not have a valid I-20, or you are not maintaining your status, then you cannot apply for OPT

Patrick Said:

How to become an international nurse?

We Answered:

Become a nurse and then go international

Bruce Said:

I have a bachelor's degree in arts for International Studies and want to change career paths into nursing?

We Answered:

If you already have one degree you may be able to get into an accelerated BSN degree.You would need to do that before you could go for your Masters.

Stephen Said:

what are some careers i can pursue in international relations?

We Answered:

nurse is real, and international relations is a dream but the latter could be real if your parents are rich and federal politician.

i have two sons who went to study international business relationship at university but, upon knowing that they wouldnt find a job upon graduation, they switched to accounting in the 3rd year university.

Rene Said:

career advice between international relations and nursing?

We Answered:

Go with the NGO

Nursing does not sound like the right field for you. You have to want to be helpful, you must be compassionate, empathetic, caring and don't mind being around sick people or the sight of blood.

If you go into it for the money you will be very disappointed, plus you won't make a very good nurse and you will get a very bad reputation. If you can't work 12 hours shifts of hard work, then find a job where you can sit on your duff.

We have enough lazy nurses in the field, we don't need another one that won't pull his/her weight.

Come to think of it you are required to be compassionate, kind, understanding and it may require some diplomacy and helping other people to work in NGO too -- I think you should reconsider both choices as you don't appear to be cut out for either job.

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Patrick becoming and international students is very easy, after you graduate there are companies specially designed to training you and offer you position in another country, dont expect a good salary though

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The most imperative thing to do is to make contact with schools and universities to discover out who appraise worldwide nursing student function.

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These men and women are obsessive in their wish to help others and are champion of the nursing career.

Nursing test bank said:

The most imperative thing to do is to make contact with schools and universities to discover out who appraise worldwide nursing student function.

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