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Nurse Practitioner Career

Jacqueline Said:

orthodontist vs. nurse practitioner. Which career path is better?

We Answered:

Jobs aren't all about the money. They're totally different. As an orthodontist, you'll be spending time in people's mouths a lot, overseeing a lot of physical manipulation of the mouth (or, in a very small practice, actually performing it) and working with a young set of patients.

As a nurse practitioner, you're dealing with overall health, not physically manipulating anyone at all (unless you work in an ER) and working with a set of patients that can range from general to kids to old people.

Are you really picking your major by three responses on Yahoo Answers? To be an NP, you need to major in nursing. To be an orthodontist, you need to major in biology. Take some time and look at how different the job tracks are. Don't worry about the money until after you decided what you like doing.

Nancy Said:

I am interested in a career as a Womens Health Nurse Practitioner. Can anyone give me information on schooling

We Answered:

Use this directory to find nursing schools that interest you, read detailed nursing school fact sheets, and contact admissions officers by requesting information.…

Roberta Said:

For a career: Nurse practitioner or doctor?

We Answered:

You should choose to be a doctor. Personally, I think both nurse practitioners and doctors are highly successful and respected. If you choose to take the nurse practitioner route (NP), you need to first go to nursing school and become a registered nurse. If you become a doctor, you do college, then medical school, then additional training (depending on what specialization you want).

If you want to go into Family Medicine, I don't think there's a difference between a NP's pay and a doctor's pay. You pretty much do the same thing in an office/hospital, anyway. If you become a doctor, and not an NP, however, you get the choice of deciding *what kind of doctor* you want to be. For example, you can't become a surgeon if you're an NP, nor can you go into Psychiatry, Cardiology..etc. But if you're a D.O, or M.D., you can do whatever the heck you want. Granted, the schooling is a lot harder to become a D.O. or M.D (both are doctors), but you get "more action," medically. I'm currently a medical student, and I chose this route because I wanted to become a cardiologist. If I had chosen to become an N.P., I'd feel more limited to becoming an Family Practioner only (nothing wrong with that, but just not for me).

And as for your college question, getting into a college is similar for both of them. So, no, it's not harder to get into college by one or the other. College admissions' difficulty is not based on "what you want to be," per se. It's more based on "who you've been" (High school GPA, SAT score..etc). Having said that, work hard and try to get into a good college. But if you don't get into that "good college," no worries -- just do well in college. No one expects you to be a Harvard grad. Only a good grad. I know some people who went to community college and transferred into a university and went to medical school from there....I suggest that you go to a 4 yr university and just try your best. You'll be OK.

Carole Said:

What is a better career? Nurse practitioner or physician assistant?

We Answered:

Physician's Assistant would be more interesting and more lucrative for you........about the same amout of education too.
The work is much better too and you gain more respect from physicians.......this is from experience only.

Eva Said:

Which is a better career, nurse practitioner or physicians assistant?

We Answered:

Yes, there is some overlap in jobs, although PAs typically have more surgical jobs, ER, trauma, ortho; while NPs often are peds, OB/GYN, geriatrics; both are family practice. The decision is what you want & how you want to get there. PAs are taught on the medical model in a mini-medical school as it may be; and nurses are taught in the nursing model at a nursing school. If you are good at your job, no matter if you are a PA or a NP, you will be respected--you usually get judged in medicine upon individual competence not on your category. Both can get jobs in any state in the US and can also get jobs that are non-clinical, as well as clinic & hospital jobs. Salaries are relatively equal, although in California PAs make a little more. Both can prescribe medications. I would consider talking to one of each and possibly following them around for a day.

Rodney Said:

what's a better career choice? medical lab or nurse practitioner?

We Answered:

I heard np's have it great because they have a high degree of autonomy, can write prescriptions, are well-paid, and are needed pretty much everywhere (as you mentioned). My aunt is an np, and she says it's the closest thing to being a doc without going to medical school or doing osteopathy. I'm not sure a medical lab job has as many perks, especially if you're a people person...

Michelle Said:

Would a nurse practitioner be a good career choice?

We Answered:

I honestly don't think you could pick a better career

My mother is a nurse wanting to become a practitioner for a bit more of a challenge and she is still raising myself and my sister. She is was also very squeamish at the sight of blood and injury but it was a family practice so she took it up to earn some decent money. Now she can handle alot. I really think you will enjoy it. Nursing is a career that you will never get bored in and that you can take great pride in.

Good Luck and Happiness

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