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Nursing Career Education

Daryl Said:

What education is required for a psychiatric nurse practitioner career?

We Answered:

You can't be a NP without going to graduate school. A psych undergrad or minor is not the same as an NP program. Starting in 2015, the minimum educational requirement for NP certification will be a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP). Right now it's a Masters level education.

And just in case you aren't clear, "certification" as a Registered Nurse means you have worked for at least a couple of years in your given specialty area and taken a comprehensive exam by an accrediting agency in that specialty. Your title usually becomes "RN, C" or "RNC" or something similar, it's different depending on which specialty you are in.

You do not need to be a certified RN in order to pursue your Psych NP, you only need your RN license, but it does show that you have a certain level of expertise in the field. Some employers give annual bonuses for holding certifications or a slight wage increase. But it's not required to get into a graduate level nursing program.

Miriam Said:

Education/career planning for nursing?

We Answered:

take relevant courses in high school (science, biology, chemistry ..)
complete prerequisites required for entry to nursing program of your choice
(usually takes about 2yrs to complete)
Complete nursing program which is an addiional 2 yrs
pass national board exams

talk to your school counselor. she can help you plan your transition to college.

Jimmie Said:

What dallas area hospitals offer nursing education and/or work while you learn programs??

We Answered:

You will not find a certification program that is OJT. You can work in a doc's office and learn a lot and do a lot, but to work in a hospital as a nurse you must be certified. You go to school and get your certification (day or night classes) then you are eligible for hire. WIth no experience in the medical field you are not likely to find a position in a doc's office except as receptionist or clerk. From front-office you could work into a back-office position and working in a doc's office you will have more latitude without a certification than in a hospital.

Jeffery Said:

Access to higher education (nursing career)?

We Answered:

I did it last year and it was hard work but really worth it. For nursing you need to do the biology/science element of the course, lots of people on the course with me went on to do nursing and found the course a really good preparation for academic work. Good luck!

Wanda Said:

What level of education is required for a career in nursing?

We Answered:

You can be a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) with a 1 year program available at tech colleges.

You can be a Registered Nurse (RN) with a minimum of an Associate's Degree from a community college. This is a two year program, but you will need to complete pre-requisite courses before you can apply, so it might take 3 years. This degree gives you the basic fundementals of nursing practice to allow you to test for licensure in your state.

You can also earn a BSN (4 year degree if attending full-time). It goes into expanded nursing theory, models of care, nursing research, leadership / management skills, and public health. It makes you more eligible for advancement into supervisory, management, and administrative positions, and it is necessary to hold a BS if you desire to go on to graduate school to become a Nurse Practitioner, CRNA, Certified Nurse Midwife, etc. You can do an Assoc. degree first and complete the BSN later, often employers will pay tuition assistance for RNs to complete the BSN.

Benjamin Said:

Is there any special degree needed for nursing? Once in the career does on need continuing education credit?

We Answered:

Yes you need an Associates Degree in Nursing. You have to apply to the nursing program and be accepted first. It typically takes 2 yrs once you are accepted into the program. Then you have to take your board exam after you graduate with your degree. Then you must do continuing education credits. The guidelines are set for the Board of Nursing in your state. Usually the hospital that you work for will make sure you have all the requirements for each year. The CE credits arent hard to get. It may help to get more info at the Board of Nursing website in your state.

Willie Said:

I can not decide between the following careers, education/counselling, adult nursing and vet!?

We Answered:

I currently work in a Vet. College, on the maintenance side. Wonderful place to work, everyone so caring, courteous, polite, thoughtful...great. Somewhat 'in the open' not an office job a nurse. The Small Animal Hospital has all the surgery, operating theatres, x ray, Cat scan, MRI, Intensive Care (so lovely to see the ITU nurses sitting in say a dog kennel cradling a dog as it recovers) then, phisiotherapy, and, finally they leave.... fit and well.....What else can I say.

I used to be in IT, almost luckily the company went bust, and i wound up here. Escape IT, come join us here.....such a pleasure. We have anything...ostrich, lions, horses, sheep, pigs, cattle, llama, even saw a snow leopard.
have a look....…

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