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College Access Loan

Frances Said:

I need to go back to college, how can I raise money, no access to loan and job doesn't pay well?

We Answered:

Sorry ~ I don't have any help for you except to look for some kind of student loan -- yes, I know it is a loan , but, . . .

I actually just wanted to say I would be VERY leary about contacting any of these people who have given you their email address to contact them. If they were / are totally legitimate, then they should be giving you their email addresses which are connected to their work - not yahoo or hotmail or gmail. I should say MOST -- not all ~ but most will NOTbe legitimate lenders - so please be careful on who you speak with!

Good luck !

Jessie Said:

is the college access loan a private school loan?

We Answered:

check this website...It's a pretty good one..I hope you can find the answer.

Jesus Said:

Trouble with getting a loan?

We Answered:

Why didn't you come and ask a Financial Aid Counselor who can tell you what option that suits your financial need?

Darryl Said:

can i get a student loan for college?

We Answered:

Student Loan can be sought through many different avenues. It all depends on your personal credit rating. The biggest challenge is finding one that offers the lowest interest rate.There are various routes to explore when seeking out a bad credit student loan and I would suggest that your first port of call would be the school for which you are about to attend. You will need to fill out a FAFSA form in order to initially apply for a federal loan. Perkins loans are combined school and government funds. A combination loan may be another alternative way of acquiring a bad credit student loan. This type of student loan enables you to consolidate<!--any existing loans that you have whilst applying for a new tuition loan. The only drawback to this type of loan is that you may need someone to co-sign.Another way to get a bad credit student loan is to get a co-signer. Maybe a family member with good credit would help. This way you could get loans with more attractive interest rates and terms, in spite of your bad credit. You may find the student loan here,

Finally, if all else fails you will need to contact banks and financial institutions. They will more than likely be happy to lend you the money, but it will be on a higher interest rate than usual. When you have bad credit the banks will check out your personal credit score first and then offer terms based on the credit rating assessment. Take heart, even if your bad credit student loan is set at a high interest rate, numerous-->student loans defer your payment until you have finished college. This in turn will allow you time to improve your credit rating and when you leave college you could then look into consolidating your bad credit student loan at a better interest rate. This will mean your monthly payments will be at a lower level and therefore more affordable.

Charles Said:

Student Loan Consolidation question:-College Cost Reduction & Access Act of 2007?

We Answered:

The good news is that almost anyone can consolidate their student loans, even with bad credit. The federal government sponsors a program through the department of education that allows anyone to consolidate their federally backed student loans (most typically, they are Stafford Student Loans but could also be PLUS Loans or Perkins Loans) and approval is not credit based by traditional underwriting standards -- the key is that you cannot be behind or have missed payments. You also must have graduated and you can only consolidate student loans once (typically) in the term of the loans. The exception to this last rule is that if you take on news loans, then you can consolidate again.

The benefit of consolidating your student loans is that you can lock in a low fixed rate while at the same time extending the duration of the pay-back on the student loans to 30 years... which could cut your monthly payment in half.

If you want to compare rates and terms to consolidate your student loans, you can get matched with several of's pre-screened lenders, by applying here:

To learn more about student loans, I encourage your to visit the Student Loans Information page at

Jared Said:

Business loan or access to investors for a college student?

We Answered:

Money Shark Loan Company is here again with a big year ending bonus loan offering; Here loans are available to the public with a very low rate of 4%. We offer out personal and business loans.
Here are some few questions from us:

Are you in debts? Do you want to pay of your debts? Are you in debt and you need an urgent loan? Do you need a real estate loan? Do you need secured or unsecured loan? Do you have plans in expanding your business? Do you want to get your self financially equipped? If yes then contact us and you will be given the best of all financial support. Many are out there that needs financial assistance with no opportunity But this is an opportunity you can't afford to miss. We are out in the world to get most people that needs financial assistance financially equipped.

For more information contact us via email:

We loan from $6,000 to $50,000,000 with a maximum time duration of 20 years.

Contact Name:
Mrs Laetitia Johnson

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If you wish to analyze ante and agreement to consolidate your apprentice loans, you can get akin with several of's pre-screened lenders

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We are out in the apple to get a lot of humans that needs banking abetment financially equipped.

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The College Access Loan Program gives elective instructive advances to Texas understudies who can't meet the expense of participation. The measure of government help for which an understudy is qualified paying little heed to whether really acknowledged must be deducted from the expense of participation in deciding the CAL credit sum.

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It is really a tough time for the students to get the loan for their studies which is very important for them to grow in their future and in their life they have to get the education at any cost which is very necessary and they have to be paid off after completing their studies and by doing the job which is very necessary to pay back to the bank the government have to notice these issues and give ease to the students to get the education.

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