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Medical Science Career

Ethel Said:

Which medical career would have the most benefits for the future?

We Answered:

Both are very good fields advancing at a rapid rate. Neurology probably will be mysterious to us longer than Genetic Disorders since some gene therapies are already in use.

Lloyd Said:

Career as a Pharmacist ...? Other Science/Medical Careers? Suggestions!?

We Answered:

A pharmacist usally, need to prescribe medicine, but also know of the top of their head what medicine is good for someone.
EX: a girl calls to ask her phamacist if taking a certain dose of a anitheartburn pill is good for her age and her pain.
- a pharmacit needs to know if shes the right age and if it's the right dosage and even they don't actually know the person, or work with them,
- they handle alot of medicine and medical record.and dosage.,.
- btw the medical field is great right around now, we neeeed doctors...( as my parents say)
- i think iit's a fun job since today i was at the pharmacy and the pharmacist always seem good and the enviroments pretty laid back,
- you must also deal with people who will ask for more of a dose or medicince their insurence does not cover. and you should be well with their doctor

Toni Said:

How much science in a Medical career?

We Answered:

Lots and lots of science, including lab science and math.

Theresa Said:

Any regrets about going into Clinical Lab Science (Medical Technology) is this a good career choice?

We Answered:

As a lab director I have been in this field for 42 years. So I might be a little biased. Yes it is an excellent field. I see great things happening in medical technology. A few statistics there are 60% fewer tech schools than in 1983. there are 70% fewer technologists coming out of those schools. So we are continually looking and recruiting trying to bring in the best talent. The average age of an M.T. in this field is 52. So this information makes technologists more sought after than ever in our history. It is not an easy degree, I look for people that are customer service oriented (people do have a choice what hospital they go to), the technical stuff is very important but I can teach you how to push the green start button on the chemistry analyzer harder to teach you to smile. Also with the less number of people coming into this field the director must work harder to look for alternatives. One such alternative is automation. Laboratories in order to survive in this environment must be able to do more with less. So you will become familiar with several new automated instruments and auto verification. Even blood bank is going the way of automation. it is a great time to be in this exciting field.
Good luck whatever you decide

Ana Said:

what career options would you have if you decided to do medical science at uni?

We Answered:

Tons of them. Specialisation and Health management are the most common.

Bessie Said:

What is a medical or science career that allows opportunities to travel and either help people or do research?

We Answered:

I am sure that the WHO, and Doctors Without Borders need researchers. Though to be a main researcher you probably need to get a PhD. But you can easily become a Research assistant with a BS.

Though I would say that WHO is probably your best bet. Depending on where you want to travel. There are many research labs that do international studies and they may need people who can lead research teams and travel to meet with Clients. You can get by on a Masters with that, but it will take some experience in any business you choose before you get to travel a lot.

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The best thing about the Medical science field is that it is SO diverse. You can be in school for only two years, or up-wards from 10 decades.Salary packages variety greater then other areas.

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Medical science career is really very charming profession and it pays more salary then the other field and you become a doctor while studding in this field.

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Lots and lots of science, including lab science and math.

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Medical sciences is one of the best fields in which any person can make his or her career. But the same time when when you choose the field and think to grow in it that means you have take a huge responsibility on your shoulders which is to take care of people as it is the field in which you not just think to make your career.

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Science and medical both can't live without each other. What science finds out it gives a benefits to medical student. Both of these fields will never end until the end as because they are the field which is needed in our average daily life. So choosing anyone of them as your career will definitely be not of waste to you.

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