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Science Career Opportunities

Eleanor Said:

are there a lot of career opportunities with a computer science degree?

We Answered:

computers are a dying industry.

(I'm obviously being facetious)

Eileen Said:

Career opportunities with a Bachelor of Science?

We Answered:

Nothing much really with just that. However it is an excellent preparation for graduate school in an area that will get you a job eg statistics, actuarial science, chemical engineering (if you have done significant chemistry), computer science, information systems, accountancy, public administration, finance - I could just go on and on. Most people don't know it, but it is still a fact, that most masters degrees are in fact degrees designed to qualify you in an area different to your undergrad.


Raul Said:

What are some career opportunities for a political science major?

We Answered:

good f****ing question, I just got a poli sci degree from colorado college, and SURPRISE!, its not exactly the most marketable skill on earth...

Good luck

Cynthia Said:

What are the career opportunities in laboratory science?

We Answered:

You can make your career as a technicians, scientists and researchers in laboratory science field. It is about tests that are performed in laboratories.

Kay Said:

If I were to major in Political Science what career opportunities would I be about to have in the future?

We Answered:

Just a plain political science major isn't really that useful. I would suggest that you do a double major or minor in something, so that you can create an area of expertise. For example, if you are interested in the environment, you could major/minor or double major in poli sci and environmental science. If you are interested in finance, you could major/minor or double major in poli sci and economics/finance. If you form an area of expertise along with your political science degree, you would be well positioned to get an entry level job as an analyst in a government agency specific to your area of expertise (ex. working for the department of finance or environment), and your career will go on from there.

Monica Said:

What are the career opportunities for someone with a political science degree in Canada?

We Answered:

Join the Air Force as a fighter pilot, just like Stephen Harper. Then you can try becoming PM.

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