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2 Year College

Ramona Said:

How long after completeing 2 year college( IGETC) should it take to get a PHD? or Masters degree?

We Answered:

After a junior college, it takes two more years to get a bachelor's degree.

Most master's programs take one or two years after a bachelor's degree.

A PhD takes from four to seven years after a bachelor's degree.

Rebecca Said:

What do you cover in the first level chemistry class at a 2 year college?

We Answered:

you pretty much do labratory excersizes and learn about the periodic table and whatnot...

But every class is different: Heres what i would do- goto google....type in your schools name and put a space in between the actual name of the class:

(Example) Sierra College Chem 1a

And your class will come up generally with a description

Kristin Said:

What meager should i take in 2 year college before taking medical class?

We Answered:

English and Grammar??????

Gina Said:

After completing 1 semester I left a 4 year college to go to a 2 year community college?

We Answered:

Yes. I suggest you make an appointment to meet with an academic advisor at the college of your choice and bring with you an advisement copy of your transcript. Remember: the college to which you transfer has the final say in deciding what credits/courses are accepted.

This was an excellent decision on your part. It will save you time and money in the long run, and make the transition much easier. That translates to better grades and better adjustment and attitude.

Best wishes.

Dustin Said:

Whats the differnce between going to a 2 yearcollege but transfering to a 4 year college then going stright?

We Answered:

Not all universities allow transfers. For those that have a transfer agreement with a community college, it should be the same, but you probably need to get a 3.0 GPA in your 2 years. Community colleges usually offer only general courses so you'd have to catch up on your major once you get to the 4-year college. If the 4-year college requires a lot of courses in your major it might be difficult to catch up. Community college will save you money and probably have smaller classes.

Go to the scholarship section on your college's website, it'll probably have scholarships/bursaries that aren't federal.

Holly Said:

Would it be cheaper to transfer to a college from a 2 year county college?

We Answered:

Yes, what you are asking is what i did. I save about over $20,000. and yes you can still apply for Fin-Aid. But, may not get much from the 4-year college. Due to the fact for Fin-Aid they treat you as a upperclassmen, so a lot of scholarships you can get for your first year at the new college but can apply for the next year. But still it is considerably cheaper to go that route. Just check that all of your credits will transfer. Other than that you have to choose what college you want to transfer to, most college have a favorable view of transfer students. This is because of the higher GPA after we transfer will receive. It will be a headache for about the three months in between you leave your current college and the new college that you transfer into. there is a lot of logistics involved depending on which state you live in. I know in PA, you need to call, about transferring your federal loans one college to another. But transferring from a two-year college to a four year college is a very good deal. I highly recommend doing so.

So good luck!

June Said:

Is a bathelor's degree 2 years at a 2 year college plus 2 more years at the 4 year college?

We Answered:

A bachelors degree is essentially the second degree that you get.
The first degree would be an associates degree. This includes associates of arts, associates of business, or science, or whatever your college offers.
Many people go to two year colleges, or community colleges to obtain these degrees because they are cheaper.
After finishing an associates degree whether at a 2 year or 4 year college you begin on a bachelors.
This is when you must pick a major, and study for two more years and then you will receive a bachelors after fulfilling the requirements.

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