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2 Year Community Colleges

Melinda Said:

what are the top Junior / 2-year community colleges in the US?

We Answered:

Number One in the nation is Miami Dade Community College.
The next closest California school is Sierra College at number 5. Didn't notice De Anza anyplace near the top...

Bernice Said:

are 4 year colleges harder than 2 year community colleges?

We Answered:

yes, but part of why they are harder is that they don't have a lot of systems in place to help struggling students. The freshman classes are often huge, and at many universities freshman classes are taught by students who earned their BA last semester!

In a community college, the classes are small the instructor is available to you and there are usually tons of help from tutoring to food and coats!

Melissa Said:

good 2 year community college in california?

We Answered:

Most two year schools don't offer housing, at least not community colleges. That's one reason why they're so cheap. The whole point is that if they offer two-year degrees, hire faculty with fewer credentials, don't offer campus housing, and are funded in part by the public, then their costs are lower. Don't bother going to a community college where you don't live; that defeats the purpose. Two-year:

In Santa Cruz, there's Cabrillo College.
Nearby there's the City College of San Francisco.
One of the largest CCs in SoCall is Los Angeles Community College.

Also, consider the Cal State system if you can't afford the UC system. Near Santa Cruz, there's San Francisco State, but there 23 Cal State colleges altogether.

I like private schools, but I don't know how much they cost or how much aid they offer. The University of San Francisco is near Santa Cruz. It's Jesuit.

Hope this helps. I've added links for a few different sources on Wikipedia: SanFran, Santa Cruz, the Cali CC system, and the Cal State system. Cheers!

Rita Said:

If you went to a 2 year community college & you want to live in a dorm when you transfer ?

We Answered:

Most universities have student housing options broken down by year in school. For instance at CWU, there was a 21 and over student housing, there was a family housing, there was traditional freshmen housing, as there was a no alcohol housing. Check at each school that you want to attend regarding their specific on campus housing options.

Julian Said:

can you attend a 2 year community college while already attending a 4 year university/college? is it realistic?

We Answered:

Sure, I currently go to my local community college, and we have students from the other 4 year schools take classes there all the time. The big reason is that it is just so much cheaper to take a class at a community college than it is to take one at a 4 year. Also, since you want to get a separate degree then I would say it would definitely be worth your while. You might even be able to take some classes that will fulfill course requirements for both programs, and be able to transfer the credits over to your 4 year school. I would talk to a counselor at your current university, and see if they have any kind of transfer programs set up with the 2 year school you are looking to attend.

Jaime Said:

Can I join Air Force ROTC and go to a 2 year community college, then a 4 year?

We Answered:

Some community colleges have programs for ROTC, im not sure you would have to ask the personnel at the campus. Im pretty sure if you get your associates and then end up at a 4 year college you should get your bachelors in less than 4 years, thus you would upon getting your bachelors be commissioned as an AF officer, so your time in a community colleges ROTC program (most likely from a 4 year college) would count towards the time in the 4 year college

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