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Academic Scholarships For College Students

Ian Said:

Is there any organization that offers college scholarships to outstanding students in academics and sports?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Miriam Said:

Is it possible for me to get any college/university scholarships?

We Answered:

The first person's advice - to go see the school guidance counselor - is the best here so far. This person will know what's available for you, and what you can do to find financial aid. There is a federal aid application (assuming you are in the US) that almost all colleges and universities use as the starting point to determine who's eligible, and how much they can get. I've put the link below. Be sure that your adviser/counselor agrees with this before you start, however, as there are websites out there that try to mimic this address, so as to steer you to their aid only - which may cost you more in the long run.

One last thing - apply early in the process. When there is more money in the pool, you stand a better chance of getting some. If you wait until late in the process, there isn't as much available, so you may get short-changed.

Ashley Said:

Is it true that many students drop out of college in their first year?

We Answered:

Yes, it is true. When I was going to nursing school, we had to keep a certain grade point and some of our class members either couldn't make the grade so to speak, or were not doing well enough in their clinicals and the teachers had to let them go. Also, some just found the pressure got to them and it was too difficult to even stay and gave up. Our class got smaller and smaller each semester. But, those of us that did work hard became very close, cheered each other on, had study groups together and helped each other make it to our final goal of getting our RN...It was a great experience...good luck in school...You can do it....!!!!!

Anna Said:

help on scholarship..academic? or college? which one?

We Answered:

Uhm. If you are in the 11th grade, you are obviously not a "college student". So you should be selecting the ACADEMIC scholarship option.

Clyde Said:

How many classes do college students normally drop out of?

We Answered:

You have not even mentioned why you would be wanting to drop a class. Do classes interfere with your busy schedule of social engagements?
Hmmn. That could be tough. What kind of study schedule have you set for yourself. None? Crikey!

One doesn't simply drop classes. One can repeat them or defer them until next year. One never drops a class.

Perhaps you have taken on more than you bargained for. You have not even mentioned that, either.

I would really suggest that you hae a discussion about your particular case with your student counsellor or social worker.

Best wishes from Barrie O.

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Academic qualification is somewhat considered to be much necessary that everyone should need to follow and understand about, much questions been asked and answered all the way right.

college personal statement format said:

Academic scholarships is still possible - unless your B's are in really easy programs. Universities will look not only at your overall GPA, but your actions, offer work, groups, companies, management positions, activities etc.

med school personal statement examples said:

Most of the schools do not have any benefit Scholarships at all - economical aid is need-based only. Most top schools have outstanding economical aid offers, but it really relies on your parents' income and resources.

personal statement template said:

A scholarship, as the name indicates, is awarded to reconize some sort of special potential, whether that's educational, fitness or creative. I don't think you're going to find many scholarship that compensate a student simply for applying.

scholarship purpose statement samples said:

There are many good college which provides academic scholarships for students who can't pay their fees expenses, If any body can't pay the fees then join this type of colleges which give free scholarships for students.

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Several online universities offer online scholarship programs that have started to prove as one of the best alternative for many students and working adults.

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