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Advice For College

Troy Said:

Anyone have some good college advice for a high school senior?

We Answered:

first of all, its normal not to know what you want to do . U are a senior n u have many likes and dislikes.
college is a place where u will find yourself. what I would suggest u do is to start by taking some electives (stuff u like and stuff u are interested in) there u will get a *feel* of whether u would like this field or not.
I was always interested in Public administration. took a couple of classes. hated it.
wanted to try business . took one class. couldnt keep my eyes open cus of how boring it was to me..
Took teaching classes, and viola...I found my niche!
thats what college is. Its a place to find your self.
U do also realize that when you get in, u can get in with an undeclared major. (thats when u dont know what u want yet) . beleive me, someone will accept you. colleges are on shaky ground now, cus of the economy and less student enrolling..
If u dont have, stay away from the community colleges!

Christine Said:

Good advice for a soon to be college Freshman?

We Answered:

-Make friends (or at least be on good terms) with your RA/CA.
-Don't be the loud neighbor who always has their music blaring.
-Unless you're sleeping/changing clothes/really trying to concentrate, leave the door to your dorm room open so that people can stop in and say hi.
-Join a club/student organization to meet people.
-Make friends with at least one person in every class you take so that if you miss class because you're sick/hungover/didn't feel like going/etc. you can still get the notes.
-Don't overwhelm yourself with classes each isn't just about studying.
-Make sure you have sandals for the showers and a plastic basket to carry all your shower stuff in.
-Make a homemade meal every once in a while. (My friends and I planned a big themed dinner every month my freshman year.)
-Don't be afraid to ask for help in a class.
-Visit your professor during his or her office hours even if you don't have a question about the material.
-If you're going to drink, don't do it in the dorms.
-Loft your bed because dorm rooms are TINY!!!! And at least this way you have a little more room.
-Don't live with a can ruin the friendship.
-Find out if other people from your high school are going to be there so that you'll at least know someone there.
-Email if you have anymore questions! :)

Good luck!

Allen Said:

I live in Florida, and i want to go to an Indiana College. Advice please?

We Answered:

You'll need to live in Indiana for at least a year to qualify for resident status and pay in-state rates at the state universities there. But that year will allow you to save money for college and establish your independence from your parents (which might help you qualify for more financial aid). Indianapolis is a nice town if you're looking for a good place to live.

Tommy Said:

teen looking for all interior designers for college advice?

We Answered:

Look for an art school that offers interior design.

Glenn Said:

I need advice college wise can you help me?

We Answered:

Get your free scholarship here. Just register yourself for free and you will get your job done. Remember, anything in internet is free these days.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

Jerome Said:

Im a freshmen in highschool and im really scared for getting into college. advice?

We Answered:

Hey! Thanks for answering my question!! You know, I am a freshman at college and I did the whole applying to the top ones, good grades, etc. I really think college is overrated. If you really want to learn you should be able to do it yourself. By the way, your description of getting good grades but messing up on exams is just like me. I am no genius and have not done well in everything. I actually spent my life studying like crazy for exams, but I still did badly because I would panic under the pressure. Don't worry too much! Colleges in the US are a money making business (even if they say they're non-profit). College does help you get jobs, but you have to remember that it is your life (not your parents') and you decide what you want to do and how you want to do it. I am actually still dreaming of just running off into the wilderness and just tell society to stuff it. Cheers!!

Jessie Said:

Im a HS Freshman and I want to start applying for scholarships and try and save money for college, advice?

We Answered:

as a freshman, you dont have all that many scholarships open to you just yet. there are a few websites that can help you out-namely, which is probably the best resource at this point, but i doubt you'll be able to get more than a hundred or so from a single scholarship. do try to keep up grades and get to know your teachers well, so that when you become a junior or senior you will qualify for those scholarships, and will have a good chance of getting them, especially with recommendations.

otherwise, dont worry too much about that at this point! have fun in high school while you still can :)

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