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Affordable Car Insurance For College Students

Pearl Said:

Where can I find Affordable Medical Insurance in Arizona?

We Answered: - my family have this health insurance. It is affordable and has good coverage for dental issues.

Bernice Said:

is there a way for me to get affordable car insurance?

We Answered:

Being the age you are and where you are currently living you can expect to pay some of the highest insurance rates in the country. There is one way where you can pay the least insurance but it depends on what you can live with or live without. The cheapest insurance you can get is basic liability insurance. Keep in mind that liability insurance only covers the other driver and their vehicle and will not pay anything towards repairing your vehicle. The best types of vehicles to have liability coverage on would be an older vehicle that doesn't have a high fair market value. If you have full coverage insurance on your vehicle and get into a crash and the repairs to your vehicle is say $7000.00. The insurance company will check to see what the fair market value of your vehicle was at the time of the crash. If the fair market value of your vehicle was say $4000.00 then the insurance company will only pay you the fair market value of $4000.00 and you will have to come up with the other $3000.00 plus your deductible out of your pocket get your vehicle repaired. So, it all depends on what you want and can live with. If you can live with an older vehicle that is still in decent shape but doesn't have a high fair market value you could go with the basic liability insurance. You can always add to the basic plan like adding more medical and it will not cost that much more. But if you want a newer more expensive vehicle and one with a much higher fair market value then you would probably want to get full coverage on that vehicle. Of course the full coverage will cost you a ton more money. Call around to several different insurance companies and ask them for a quote on what you decide you want. They will ask you some questions and then they can tell you right down to the penny what the rates will be.

Katrina Said:

92-96 Lexus LS400 for a college student w/ job?

We Answered:

The '96 is obviously better than the '92. Not only because its newer, but its nicer and less likely to have problems. You shouldn't expect any major issues, however it depends on how well the car was taken care of. It should last at least another 5 years with little or no problems though.

The LS400 was once called "The finest automobile in the world". You should like it.

I wouldn't really recommend the GS300 though, it's still a good car but if you can afford the LS why settle for something lower than that.

Gail Said:

Does anyone know?

We Answered:

Insurance does depend on many individual factors as well as location. I got a rough quote for you with the information listed and was able to find coverage for $211 per month. That is with a student discount as well as you taking driver's training.

The best way for you to find the lowest price is to go to… this will compare all companies in your area and find you the lowest prices!

Hope that helps

Cindy Said:

How do i get health insurance on my own?

We Answered:

well i am not sure on your legal status if your parents immagrated here... I know if you're born in USA you're most likely a citzen, and with that said...

I can't answer the question about where you can get insurance; I know if you're of the age to be insured (usu. over 18) and you have a car you usu. need insurance unless you are in Alabama... So...if you are working, you would do like everyone else; just go online to a site or two, shop prices for insurance (and if you're young, own no houses or assets, money in bank, then you only need the basic protection limits [10/20/10, something like that, call 1800PROGRESSIVE to ask questions; I work for them and usu. the customer service department is really good at answering ALL questions, also can give you multiple quotes from other companies along with themselves...]) Once you sign up for insurance for your car, just do not let it default. I'm 24 and ins is high at younger ages; I've found that Geico is the cheapest for me. or try a company called Amica cause they have many qualification rules, but if you qualify, they have REALLY GOOD RATES!!

On health insurance; I recently went thru some medical issues myself and learned a LOT, even with insurance; you can google for "health insurance individual" and see links from me below; it will price you for health insurance; just make sure before buying that you call the company and ask if it covers medical dental and also, mental health just incase... Make sure you get a deductible you can afford...

AND...if worse comes to worse, like if your teeth are hurting soooo sooo bad, or for any other medical problem, you can just walk into the ER; so far as i know, they cannot refuse to treat anyone. If the bill is due later and you cannot pay it, ask the hospital for a "medical hardship" or "charity papers" and sometimes, pending their own review, they will cancel some or all of your medical bills...
Also, if you don't get insurance and need med. help, you can contact your local health department; you can look in the yellow pages or else google the name of the county you live in (like me, Orange county) and like, "Orange county health department" and you can go there; it's like medical welfare if you need help but don't have coverage...

AND...if for some reason none of those work other than running into the ER as needed, don't sweat the bills too much; I used to be a debt collector, and through that job, learned that when you have MEDICAL charges, they can be sent to collections and people will call and mail letters and all that, but if you later on go to buy a house/car/etc and the lender sees medical (most credit reports to general businesses don't show it on there to begin with) debts unpaid, they are not supposed to be allowed to hold those debts against a rating/credit application

oh, and PS. You say you don't mind working; if you possibly can afford health insurance *through* your job, by all means, check for your coverage from your own pocket versus the $$$ they would charge you for health ins. through your job. Take whatever is cheaper!! :)

Good luck! and email if any more questions!

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