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Affordable Laptops For College Students

Myrtle Said:

The Best Laptops for a college student?

We Answered:

I would recommend an apple notebook (it doesn't even have to be the Macbook Pro and if your wondering I don't even own any Macs)
The Mac is designed to work VERY well with graphics and you also get a small discount through them if you list what college you go to (like $100 - $200 off) which can clip even the cheap model to about 899 - 999. But here is the other reason it is a benefit.

With the Mac it comes with OSX Leopard and that gives you a program built in called Bootcamp. This will allow you to dual boot Windows and OSX on the same laptop. That way if you need Windows for even one or 2 programs you have the option of being able to do so. Mac books also have a VERY nice resale value. What this means is you can use the Macbook for the remaining, oh lets say 3 years, of college and sell it and still get a nice amount of money for it (You wont get that with the PC laptops).

Yes a Macbook Pro is very nice but I know plenty of people using Photoshop, InDesign, and more on a regular macbook with no problems or delays at all.

That is why I would recommend the Mac.

Robin Said:

What is a decent, affordable laptop for a college student?

We Answered:

Get an imac. Or any mac. You'll be virus free and most, if not all, have everything you will need.

Carl Said:

How do I choose an affordable laptop suitable for a broke college student?

We Answered:

I think Toshiba would be the best
Becoz I'm like you

Judith Said:

What is a good, affordable notebook/laptop for online college student?

We Answered:

Hi, just the other day a friend asked me the same thing and I found her this great little jewel: Dell Inspiron 1525, great price and beautiful design, lots of colors and pretty well equipped, check it out! ?

Lewis Said:

what is the best and affordable laptop for a female college student?

We Answered:

A Macbook is the better laptop of the two.

Greg Said:

What would be a good, affordable laptop for a college student?

We Answered:

Check Highly recommended and trusted site for stuff like this according to many.

Chad Said:

Whats the best AFFORDABLE Laptop for Teen/College Student?

We Answered:

I would NEVER suggest that you buy anything that says Toshiba. I've had horrible service experience with them. Purchase a Dell. Dell isn't that bad and when something happens to your laptop, they're really good about dealing with it. I would totally suggest the extended warranty.

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