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Apply Card College Credit Student

Warren Said:

College Student -- Should I apply for a credit card?

We Answered:

If you do not have any established credit yet, it's a good idea to establish it. Within the next year or so, you will probably want to purchase a car, get an apartment, etc. Here's what I did that helped me establish credit but kept me in check. My first credit card, which I got my sophomore year of college, came with a $1500 limit. I called the credit card company as soon as I got my card and asked them to lower the limit to $500. That way, I could charge small things on the card and pay them off to establish credit, but I couldn't dig myself into a hole that I couldn't get out of. As you are able to realize your responsibility with using credit, you can ask for a credit line increase (many companies will grant increases automatically). Just be careful and don't get in over your head - it can be very tempting to buy something and just say "I'll be able to pay it off." Good luck with your last year of college! :-)

Lester Said:

what is the best credit card for a 19 year old college student to apply for?

We Answered:

go for low interest creditcard, with money back reward.

go here to compare the creditcards

Andre Said:

I want to apply for a student credit card, but I know nothing about APRs and interest rates. Help!?

We Answered:

Getting a student credit card while in college is the first step to start building your credit history. It doesn't really matter how much you earn during college, credit card companies don't expect you to be working while attending a college. So it's actually very each to apply for a student credit card.…

There are 2 types of APR (Annual Percentage Rate) - The APR (Purchases) represents the standard annual percentage rate for purchases; the amount one will pay in interest for carried balances from purchases made on the credit card. This rate may be variable or fixed. If the rate is variable, it may be tied to the Prime Rate, and is usually adjusted on a monthly or quarterly basis. The APR (Cash Advances) represents the standard annual percentage rate for cash advances taken out on the credit card and the amount one will pay in interest for carried balances which originated from cash advances. This rate may be variable or fixed. If the rate is variable, it may be tied to the Prime Rate, and is usually adjusted on a monthly or quarterly basis. Transaction fees may also apply for each cash advance authorized.

The intro APR is the annual percentage rate applied for a limited period of time for new applicants only. The introductory rate varies among card issuers, as well as the amount of time the rate is available for, and on what type of transactions the rate is applicable towards.

Another term you need to pay attention to is Grace Period - it's the number of days in which a credit card bill can be paid in full without incurring finance charges.

Remember to always to pay your credit card on time and pay in full if possible. If you only pay the minimum due amount, the credit card company will charge you interest for the rest of the balance unless they are offering you 0% intro APR. The intro period varies from 6 to 12 months depending on the card offers.…

Judith Said:

Where can i apply for a student credit card?

We Answered:

Hello I think I can help you, go to… and apply for a free student credit card, you can establishing credit by filling out a short online application. Good luck.

Regina Said:

I am a college student in North Dakota and I have two steady jobs. I plan to apply for a credit card?

We Answered:

I agree with the previous answer. I lived outside the US for many years and when I returned, even though I had heavy investment bank balances I could not get a card because none of the U.S. credit raters had ever heard of me.

I opened a savings and checking account with Wells Fargo which came with a Visa card. The first year I had to maintain a deposit in order to ensure funds were available to pay the monthly balance.

After that I was off and running.

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