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Apply For Grants For College Students

Teresa Said:

how can i apply for student grants for college?

We Answered:

First process would be submitting in a FAFSA form electronically filled out from their site (

Afterwards, they will take a varied amount of time to process your info and determine what forms of financial aid you qualify for.

Next all the info provided should be automatically sent to the college of your choice as you designated in the FAFSA site.

Cal Grants are awarded based on household and family contribution factors.

While other grants specific to your college of choice may have other grants you can apply for. Seek info about this on that college's site.

Laurie Said:

i need help on grants for college students. where should i look? how do i apply? stuff like that.?

We Answered:

In addition to, try these websites

You can get various grants/schlarships just based on gender, nationality, major, religion, etc. The thing is you have to look. Yes it is time consuming, but you will thank yourself in the long run. GO TO THOSE SITES AND CHECK THEM OUT. Also look at your college/university. Alot of times they will have grants for students for that specific major who can apply for schlarships/grants. It's competitive, but start early and there are alot out there.

Hector Said:

is there a site one could go to that list grants and schoalership for students to apply for college.?

We Answered:

There are lots of FREE scholarship search engines out there. Check out or just to try a couple. Go to Google and enter "scholarship search engine free" and you'll come up with a couple of dozen more.

As for grants, grants are usually given by the financial aid office at the college/university you will attend. Visit with that office regarding their application requirements; and while you're there, ask about scholarships. You'd be surprised how much information there is to be had on campus.

Best of luck!

Lillian Said:

How do I apply for Student Grants?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

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