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Bags For College Students

Manuel Said:

What are those bags that college students wear?

We Answered:

well it's a messenger bag :P

Perry Said:

How can I make an eye care/vision booth at a health fair for college students interesting? Any creative ideas?

We Answered:

Get some posters with color combinations that seem to make the picture move even though it is not.

Get some optical illusions.

If you can get them, there are glasses that have a solid surface with tiny holes (the size of a pin) in lines across. No matter how bad your site, you will be able to read with these.

Alternate...get a piece of dark paper. Put a small hole in the center. Ask people who wear glasses to take them off and see if they can read the eye chart.

They will be amazed that they can through the small hole.

Give a hand out on the dietary things that help eye health.

One of the big ones that you will find on PubMed but is seldom mentioned in popular culture is boosting your glutathione.

My mother in law has been able to stay off the eye medicine by doing this.

You will have to do some searches to get it to fit your model.

Best wishes.

Brent Said:

Best bag for a college student?

We Answered:

I highly recommend LL Bean's backpacks.
They even have a special line of backpacks for college students.
Their backpacks last soooooo long, and are very durable. They are a little expensive (around $50.00) But well worth the money. They last so long you may never need to buy another.
Here they are…

Georgia Said:

college students: what bag should i get, for college use? (girls)?

We Answered:

Well, I am going to college verrrry soon aswell and I am taking my Steve Madden tote bag to carry books and my Coach purse for fashion. I would just take a cute tote and a cool patterened purse. Good luck!

Timothy Said:

Where can I get a cute fashionable messenger bag for a college student?

We Answered:

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