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Best Bank For College Students

Aaron Said:

Which bank has the best benefits for college students, Commerce Bank or Wachovia?

We Answered:

well my college friends have told me that commerce bank is much better because they help u out if its like ur first time and they don't like ripe u off or sell ur information out cause some banks do so i think the commerce bank is better.

Fred Said:

best bank for college students?

We Answered:

Go to to compare rates and fees. Choose the bank that is close to the campus or on the campus.

Floyd Said:

Which bank provides the best service for college students?

We Answered:

Washington Mutual or B of A

WaMu was taken over by Chase, they have lots of locations and ATMs near Pasadena. They have free checking with $1 (or new check cost if you don't choose free basic checks), free basic checks for life. No minimum balance, no monthly fee. Free online bill pay. If you open a new checking acct online, at the same time you can get a 2.5% savings account, $1 minimum to open, no monthly fees.

B of A has lots of locations and ATMs. There is a student checking account, must open online for all the benefits. No monthly fees or minimum balance for 5 yrs, $25 initial deposit, free online bill pay.

Bankrate is a good place to research the safety of banks.

Wallace Said:

What is the best bank for a college student in Indiana, specifically Indianapolis?

We Answered:

When I lived in Indianapolis, I utilized Fifth Third bank with a good amount of success. I currently am a customer with Chase in another region of the country, and I have had some service issues with them. I have also worked with Union Federal off and on in the Indianapolis area, and I have always had a positive experience with them. Another option I would consider student friendly is a local or university affiliated credit union. I did not use a credit union in Indiana, so I am unable to recommend specifics. I have had great success with them in other regions

Julia Said:

Which bank has the best banking services for college students?

We Answered:

Wells Fargo is a huge national bank and from my experiences (Texas resident) has ATMs on nearly all college campuses. Also, being such a large bank, they will have a bank in the vast majority of larger cities.

I am a college student as well and recently opened a Wells Fargo account just for this reason.

Louise Said:

College Student best bank to choose?

We Answered:

Depends on where you live and what is available in your area. If you're in MN like me, the best is TCF (Twin Cities Financial), if you're not in MN, then I'd say Bank of America which gives free student checking for up to 4 years as long as you remain enrolled in classes and also offers overdraft protection if you have a savings account- if you accidentally overdraft your checking account, the bank will automatically pull money from your savings to cover your checking, which is cool so that way you don't have to get a service charge on top of your negative balance. Wells Fargo I believe offers a similar plan.

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