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Best College Loans For Students

Alfred Said:

What's the best college loan company to choose?

We Answered:

You didn't say if you've already applied for Federal Aid. If not, complete your FAFSA to see how much funding you are eligible for school and some living expenses.

If you have already used up your Federal Aid (Stafford/Perkins), you can apply for additional, private loans, that are not as nice as the Stafford loans but do allow payment deferment until 6 months after graduation.

All lenders follow the same guidelines so what you are looking for are the fees they charge to originate the loan. Some companies offer lower fees if you bank with them, already have loans, etc. It is highly advisable to only deal with one lender. Once you graduate the lender usually sells the loan to a servicer (i.e. Sallie Mae) during the repayment. So by having multiple lenders you run the risk of having loans scattered to different companies.

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