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Best College Student Loans

Kenneth Said:

What's the best way to get financial aid for college without a student loan?

We Answered:

You should check to see if you qualify for any pell grants. You don't have to pay that money back. There are books available that list tons of scholarships. I actually got a scholarship for being left handed. I know it sounds crazy, but I did. Your probably asking how the hell did they know whether i was really left handed or not. I had write a couple paragraphs in front of a lady that represented the organization offering the scholarship. I was timed and my penmanship was critiqued. Little did they know I'm EVEN HANDED. I can write really good with BOTH hands. I guess they never thought about that. Anyway, point is there's scholarship for all kinds of stuff. lol

Carrie Said:

College Students, What do you think is the best student loan?

We Answered:

To battle the answers before me, it is the SUBSIDIZED stafford loan that doesnt get interest while you are in school...the unsubsidized gathers interest the entire time you are in school...but you dont have to pay on the loan until after school.

Sallie Mae is NOT the best. They may offer loans to almost anyone, but Sallie Mae is a rip off. I worked in a financial aid office at college for over 2 years and I never once directed a person to Sallie Mae. They have awful "small print" that basically says they can raise the interest rate from 5% to 20% with little to no warning. I had my husband pay off his Sallie Mae loan before the payments even started. The only reason a college would suggest Sallie mae is if you and your parents cant get approved for any other loan OR because that college is getting paid by Sallie Mae to suggest them

I would suggest getting the stafford loan that everyone is guaranteed when they get into college. Beyond the stafford loan, I have a Citi loan that I am happy with...but depending on your college they may not work with Citi. call your college's financial aid office and see what they suggest.
As far as you getting the check, the school gets the check to cover your tuition costs and then any part of the loan that is leftover will be given to you in a check. If you want the entire check given to you, some private lenders will do that...but why not just let the school take what they need and then give you what isnt needed? THat's what I suggest, just do a bank college loan and let the school handle your loans. They will give you a check with the extra loan money usually within a month after the semester starts

Either way, the choice is up to you...good luck!

Josephine Said:

What is the best student loan company?

We Answered:


Erin Said:

Best student loan for me while taking community college classes?

We Answered:


Ralph Said:

I am a college student and need a loan, what is the best way to get one?

We Answered:

you should apply for scholarship instead. For loan, you need to pay it back after you finish college or university. the price will be different. you may need to pay 25% more on whay you had borrowed. if you apply for scholarship, you do not need to pay it back. rememeber to search for different scholarship and as many as possible!

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As way as you obtaining the check, the varsity gets the check to hide your tuition prices so any a part of the loan that's leftover are going to be given to you in an exceedingly check.