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Best Computer For College Students

Christy Said:

What is the best Mac computer/laptop for a college student?

We Answered:

Definitely the MacBook Pro. I'm assuming you're after the 15", as the "Lunch Tray" is "portable" as long as it isn't portabled all the time, as it's a bit bulky and heavy for a student to be carrying around all day.

Don't forget your free iPod:…

The " ... mac is great but expensive ... " argument is bogus. For equivalent platforms, Dell is actually a touch more expensive. See:…

Compare the $129 price of the best version of Leopard, Apple's latest version of OS X to the price of the latest "best" version of Windows.

The " ... market share ... " argument is bogus!

Saying an OS or platform is best because a vast majority of users use it is the same as saying McD's serves the best food there is. BMW seems to do alright on ? th market share Macs have.

The "Macs are unreliable" argument is bogus!…

Mac "Security through Obscurity" is a myth. It's been known to be a myth since OS X was released, and it's been well publicized for almost five years.

DAVID POGUE - The New York Times - September 18, 2003:

"I also wrote that Mac OS X and Linux are virus-free because they offer virus writers a much smaller “audience” than Windows -- a notion that’s been much repeated in the press, most recently last week’s BusinessWeek cover story. That, as it turns out, is a myth, no matter who repeats it. There’s a much bigger reason virus writers don’t like Mac OS X and Linux.

'Unix [which underlies Mac OS X] and Linux ARE more secure,' wrote one reader. 'They have been developed, open-source style, by people who know exactly what they are doing. Unix and Linux have had at least 10 years of battling hackers to better themselves. This leads to an extremely secure environment.'”

Full article:…

Try searching the Net for:

"OS X" Security Obscurity Myth

But, though it's not absolutely needed, anti-virus is a good idea, the best anti-virus software for OS X is free for the download at:

How much are you going to spend per year properly protecting a Wintel?

The "compatibility" argument is bogus. iWorks is a lot less money than "Office", and does Office compatible files. As for other software, the argument reduces to this, "There are 15,000 pieces of software a knowledgeable Windows user wouldn't put on a PC, there are only 1,500 a knowledgeable Mac user wouldn't put on a Mac, but for "needed" software, what's available to Windows users is available to Mac users. And, if you're a "Gamer", using Boot Camp and what you save over buying a Dell & Office, you can be running Windows on what Consumer Reports names as the "Best Windows Computer of 2008", the Mac.

The "Customer Service" argument is bogus. Mac & OS X continually outrates the best of Wintel & Windows in "Customer Satisfaction" by 8 to 10 %age points.

The " ... how much an hour will you be paying when the Mac breaks ... " argument is bogus. AppleCare for three years is $249, and it covers everything. Try getting that with a Wintel machine. Macs "break" far less often than Wintels, and you have an Apple Store nearby, the Genius Bar is free.

Even the "right click" argument is bogus. The "Mighty Mouse" which comes with all Macs but the Mini and MacBooks does "right click", and even single button Mac mice have been doing right clicks for teens of years, by holding down the "Control" key while clicking, or simply holding down the mouse button for about a second.

With the Mac, you can save money, get the best Windows computer there is, and get the Mac side for free with it's attendant Stability, Security, Quality, Ease of Use, stellar Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, and yes, coolness factor ...

"Drink upstream of the herd."

Hope this helps.

Roberto Said:

What computer is best for A college student?

We Answered:

Think about two computers. A "real" computer for home and a really cheap netbook for class. Laptops are heavy, easy to damage, and tend towards low battery life. Brands don't matter a lot but I have a Eee netbook and it's great. If you get a netbook don't worry about processor speed (the are all slow). Find someplace you can actually feel the keyboard and see the screen. Some of the keyboards are real crap and this will bother you.

Ricky Said:

Best Brand of Computer For College Student?

We Answered:

You need to think about what you want to use the computer for. You will definitely use it for the internet and for class projects, and any laptop on the market will handle that. But do you want a lot of storage space for programs, music, or pictures? Do you want a computer that will handle resource hogging video games (like The Sims)? Do you want one that is lightweight, or will you mostly leave it in one place?

Once you figure out more specifics about what you want, that will help you narrow down the field of potential computers.

Curtis Said:

Best Computer for a college student?

We Answered:

Any type of laptop.... If I had the money I'd splurge on a Mac :)

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