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Best Credit Card For College Student

Anthony Said:

best credit card for college student?

We Answered:

Before applying for your credit card, keep in mind that this should not be a free pass to buy anything you want. Make sure you will be able to make your monthly payments!

1. It always better to obtain a secured credit card to help you in building your credit history. Inquire in your bank whether they are offering secured credit card. A secured credit card is a type of credit card with a deposit. The deposit becomes your credit line. This means that when you reach your credit line you need to pay off or else your credit card is going to be suspended. If you can religiously pay your monthly credit bills then you will be able to build a more reliable credit history.
2. Student credit cards are open to students who have lived in the United States before or for some time so an international student will still have the chance to obtain credit card.
3. For full time student you may contact your bank in order to apply for a student credit card. Your bank will handle your credit card request.
4. There are cases when your application for a student credit card is denied; when this happens you need to find someone who has a good credit standing to act as your guarantor.
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Charles Said:

What is the best kind of credit card for a college student to have?

We Answered:

Basically, any kind of credit card you get may or may not get you into trouble. I got into a lot of trouble when I was a college student with new credit, and several of my friends had to file be careful when you get cards. It's not the type of cards you get, it's what you buy with them. If you spend too much, you'll get your butt kicked by the companies.

Now with that warning aside, you can get any kind of credit cards as a college student. You have no credit history, so you will most likely get rates from 14% and up. The best cards to get are ones that offer you points or miles for your purchases. That way, you get something back for what you buy. And if you can help it, try not to get more than $1,000 of credit at a time (unless you are buying a car or a house), that way you can easily make the payments even while you are in school.

Now as far as which cards, I highly recommend Citibank's Points card. You get extra points for buying gas and groceries, and you can use the points for travel, electronics, gift cards, etc. This especially comes in handy at Christmas time when you want to buy gifts but don't want to spend money. Or if you want to take that last minute trip to Europe that you really can't afford.

Hope this helps.

Vera Said:

What is the best Credit Card for a college student?

We Answered:

Actually I would suggest no credit card. Have seen too many get them and end up in terrible situations by the end of their college days and spend the next several years unable to get loans for cars or housing.

My recommendation would be to see you can get a student loan. These are fixed rate loans that do not start expecting re payment until 6 months after you graduate. giving you time to acquire a job and know how to manage your bills. And depending upon the degree choice can be paid by potential employers or by the state for time served in under privileged areas.

However if you must get a credit card get the american express. No the blue with a revolving credit but the original one that you have to pay off each month. This way it will help keep you from racking up debt.

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