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Best Credit Card For College Students 2010

Ray Said:

My mom favors my sister so much. .?

We Answered:

You selfish *****

Leslie Said:

Obtaining a SECRET clearance for the Navy...?

We Answered:

Are you sure about the student loan repayment? Im going OCS and they are paying mine...

Cory Said:

Bankruptcy Questions..Please help???

We Answered:

You can not charge off student loans, If you do decide to BK your credit will be ruined for up to 10 years. So many jobs run credit checks on future employees. You need to pay your debts. Read what you just wrote, you want to buy a car but charge off your debt.
You need to be more responsible. The student loans got you your career.

Hector Said:

Credit Card to pay for an LCD TV?

We Answered:

I got a credit card through my college alumni association in order to build up credit. So I only bought things I could pay for and paid them off the next month. Some credit better than no credit. Then later for this Christmas my boyfriend had saved up money for a 42" Projection tv at circuit city which we had to buy at memphis because it was out of stock everywhere else. It was stolen out of the back seat of our extended cab truck (broke window and hit truck while leaving) while we were in toys r us for 15 minutes picking up a Wii for his daughter. So I decided since he bought the last tv, I will buy this one. Put it on the card and now it feels like a huge weight around my neck. (Just think- $1100 with a minimum payment of $15 per month would take forever to pay off!). A new semester started and I was only able to pay the minimum last month. I plan on pouring money into it like crazy and have it paid off before may with my little 15 hour a week job. Save up the money, wait, purchase tv last if you are shopping and go home immediately (carry a gun in vehicle even!) Sorry, but I am almost paranoid now.

1. Yes you can get a card. I got one, and only have a cell phone and local phone on my credit history. Couldn't even get an old navy card.

2. My limit was 1500 and because I paid off quickly, they raised the limit without me asking to 2000.

3. Worth it- No. Finance through best buy if you can instead. It will reduce temptation to use card elsewhere, and as Dave Ramsey/ with a waterboy twist says- It's the devil!

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