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Best Credit Card For College Students

Antonio Said:

Best kind of credit card for a college student?

We Answered:

Congrats and good job on being accepted at college!!

Credit takes time to build and low interest, high credit line cards are reserved for those who have built a good history. What your asking for is possible with a co-signer (who has good credit) but not for someone just starting out.

Make sure you have both a checking and savings account at a local bank before applying.

Capital one is usually a good one to start with and they have a very high approval rate. Their interest rates are high, but over time the rate can be lowered and credit line raised (you will need to call every 6 months or so and request this - it is not automatic.)

Use the Capital One card for three months, paying it off in full each month. Then apply for a Discover Student card (some have cash back & points) or credit card issued by your bank. These will have a higher initial credit line and better terms - but again.

Be diligent about asking for lower rates, rewards programs and other incentives you may qualify. Good luck to you!

Theodore Said:

Best credit card for college student?

We Answered:

good call on getting a credit card because building credit is very important. I got mine from the following site because they list many cards just for students. I got the citi one. I hope this helped.

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