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Best Job For College Students

Jessica Said:

whats the best job for a college student who is majoring in criminal justice?

We Answered:

Sorry that I don't have a very detailed answer for you bud, but check with your local sheriff or PD for a position called CSO or something like that. It's a community service officer. Basically your the ***** boy of the department, but the pay is good and it gives you the basics that you need. Here in CA we use 10 codes and with CSO you do ride alongs and assist other sworn officers with calls like traffic control and what not. Basically your a nonsworn officer without a gun lol. You get your own car and crappy hours but you learn the radio codes, Penal codes and call signs that you'll need later on if you plan on serving on the beat. As for your FBI goal, you have to have expierence on some police force prior too. Some agencies will allow a min of 2 years on the beat, but others can be as high as 3 or 4. So shoot "low" for sheriff or PD and work your way up. =) Check online and check out job descriptions for your area. The application process is the same for a CSO position, background, physical test, poligraph etc etc...

Take care!!


Stacy Said:

What is the best job for a college student who needs money?

We Answered:

If you're studying to be a Pharmacist, then you might want to look at these possibilities: Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital in Lillington Brown Orthopedic and Sports Center Central Carolina Hospital in Sanford McPhails Pharmacy in Lillington

There is a bunch more companies on the area chamber of commerce website at…

Good Luck.

Raul Said:

What is the best job for a college student who's majoring in public relations?

We Answered:

A job in a public relations firm would be ideal./

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rushmyessays said:

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