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Best Jobs For College Students

Jose Said:

Best jobs for college students?

We Answered:

It's always good to find something that goes along with what you're studying in school, but most often those jobs are unrealistic. The tend to fall Mon-Fri, when you are at school!

I suggest serving or bartending. I'm in college and have been serving since I was 16. It pays better than getting a job at the mall or McDonalds or whatever. The majority of restaurants I've worked don't really have 'set' schedules for servers/bartenders (need a day off? work a different day or switch shifts w/ someone). Serving/bartending is perfect for college students. Need extra cash fast? Pick up a shift.

The trick is to get into a good restaurant, though. With today's economy, people just aren't tipping like they used to. I moved away from the city and back a few months ago. I moved to the Southwest side in a working class community. I knew right away I wouldn't be working around here because of the economy (I come from a working class family, don't get me wrong, but the majority of working class is struggling w/ money and don't dine out/tip like they used to). So I'm working in an eclectic college and middle-class community about 10 miles away. College kids generally don't have a family to support and have the extra $ to blow on food and drink. The middle class there isn't as worried about gas and food cost as the working class here. The money is worth the drive, even with gas prices like they are.

I'm telling you now, though, research the restaurants you apply to. Go in and eat or have a drink to get a feel of the atmosphere. Serving is one of the most stressful jobs you can do right now, so make sure you're surroundings are comfortable.

Oh, and work somewhere that sells alcohol (if you're old enough to serve it). Alcohol means bigger checks, which means more tips. And drunk people tip better than sober people, lol.

Karen Said:

Can anyone tell me the best website for online jobs suited for the college students?

We Answered: and

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