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Best Loans For College Students

Greg Said:

What sidejobs are best for college students?

We Answered:

Actually, studies have shown that people who work part-time while in school do better than students we don't. There are 168 hours in a week and depending on how many credit hours you are enrolled in it will require certain amount of hour. For example, if you are enrolled in 18 credit hours, you will go to class for 18-25 hours a week (depend on your classes). It is recommended that you spend 3 hours studing outside class for each hour of class which will take another about 54 hours. Let's say you sleep 7 hours a day in average. It will leave you with about 45 hours to do other things. You can easily work 15-20 hours a week without having to give up anything. Try getting a job on or around campus. It will save you transportation time. Also, a lot of campus jobs are very laid back and you can get your homework done while working. I go to college fulltime and work 25-30 hours a week. Thus far, I have an impressive GPA.

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