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Best Printer For College Student

Gina Said:

what's the best printer for someone in college?

We Answered:

If you dont really need color, get a black laser printer for about $50. It will be faster, sharper and cheaper than an inkjet. However if you need color, scanning, copying, etc then the best deal in a photo printer is the Epson Artisan 800 direct from for $130 after $170 instant rebate. It's a wireless copier/scanner/fax/photo printer with 6 individual ink cartridges for high photo quality. The best warranty in the industry. For two years, Epson will fedex a replacement and pick up the old one should you need it.
If that's beyond your budget, the next best deal is the NX415 at Officemax for $50. It's a copier/scanner/printer with 4 ink cartridges. It's not wireless and the warranty is one year. If you sign up for Maxperks, you get back a $20 visa card so it's like paying $30 for the printer.…

Triple capacity ink cartridges for Epson are under $3 and you can get 11 free cartridges every month, as I've done for the past 6 months, at

Mark Said:

What is the best possible all-in-one printer for a college student?

We Answered:

Go with HP. I am tech support for 4 schools and HP are most reliable. Ink jets of any kind however do malfuntion but are also very cheap.

Speed doesn't matter, they will all be fast enough for the number of pages a student would be printing.
Scanning will also be fine on any you get for college. They all scan at a high enough qualtiy for any type of school or business need.
I would check out the ink. You don't want to be paying for printing pages of documents with fancy photo ink.
For HP that means, don't get a Photosmart get a regular inkjet all in one.
when you go shopping look in the business section not the home section.

Wireless would be nice especially if they had a laptop. You can print from anywhere, like your bed or a room mate could also print.

I would go with the HP4500 wireless.…


Katherine Said:

What is a good printer for a college student living in a dorm?

We Answered:

I recommend putting more of your shopping research into the ink for the printer than the actual printer. The printer is a one time purchase while the ink is purchased repeatedly and can really add up. Get a printer that is compatible with an affordable ink. Too many people buy a printer and as soon as the ink runs out they find it's cheaper to buy another printer rather than replace the ink.

I have a Canon printer that I'm more than happy with, the ink is affordable.

I think you'll find most printers out there will meet your needs. However, if you have the need to print portrait perfect photographs or images you might have to look for one that specializes in these tasks.

Also, consider whether you want more than just printing from your printer. This could be a good time to get a machine with fax/scan/photocopier for one price. It's much cheaper and more convenient to buy all or some of the above in one machine than to end out with multiple machines with different purposes.

Deanna Said:

What is the best printer for a college student?

We Answered:

Get brother fast printer fax,copy, and print and other stuff
its cheap i use it get it!

Annette Said:

Best printer for college students?

We Answered:

What about something like this?…

Connie Said:

Best Laptop for College student!?

We Answered:

Take a look to the new XPS Dell, with all the features and save some big money, still having a great computer, remember in 2 years what ever you buy today will be just a piece of used electronic device... (it does not deserve a big investment)

Patricia Said:

best printer for college student that majors in education?

We Answered:

I would get a Laser printer and most likely a color one for education stuff. A laser printer runs a lot more copies per refill of "ink" than the older printer types that use ink. Laser printers use the same thing copiers do and it lasts longer. Ink is really expensive especially when you cost it by sheet printed. Some printers you may as well go buy a new printer when the ink runs out because it costs just about as much to refill the inks. I don't have a particular printer in mind, but I am using an older HP laserjet that does just fine for my needs.

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Before making your decision final to purchase a printer as you are a college student. I have been using a HP pronter for more than 2 years. It has been giving me right services what I wanted to do. Laser printer could be a great choice for college students.

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