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Biology Help For College Students

Shannon Said:

what type of credit card is best for a college student?

We Answered:

Go with a creditcard with low monthly interest rates, I would go with america express, they have low interest rates

Chester Said:

College Major that pays good that can include math and also some chemistry, biology, physics, & or computers?

We Answered:

Basically any of the engineering programs will get you to use mathematics and physics, as well as get you using computers to a rather significant degree. Biomedical engineering, biochemical engineering, and chemical engineering will get you using some biology and a bit of chemistry, though they use those fields rather than create the fields generally.

Civil engineering is for people who like to think big and make things for people to admire.

Mechanical engineering is for people who like to make things work and that they can see or hold.

Electrical engineers like making electrons whiz around circuits in order to make devices. They like a lot of math.

Chemical engineers prefer that what they work on stays in pipes, and unseen, but they like knowing that it is there. They work on how fluids and energy move around. There is some chemistry but not that much, unless you want there to be.

Biomedical engineers like to work with the body and its mechanics. These folks figure out how to measure the body, repair it (artificial joints, for example), work with the body mechanics ( in one case to develop better ballet slippers), and such. Many biomedical engineers end up in medical school.

Aeronautical engineers are an offshoot of mechanical engineers.

Combustion engineers understand how things burn. Your chemistry will be important, as well as your math skills.

Mechatronic engineers combine mechanical engineering and electronic sensors and actuators to come up with more physically active and aware devices.

So, what kind of person are you? I'll bet there is an engineering field that can be of interest.

Glen Said:

College student looking for help with biology homework.?

We Answered:

If it was any of the other sciences I could help you as I love every one of them BUT biology haha.

BUT I will say the BEST place for information on everything you can imagine is

I suggest going there and searching Biology and see what it says about studies and such and then try looking up the Dehydration Synthesis.

It is a GREAT resource site and it is COMPLETELY FREE no account no nothing required. Which is why I never used Worldbookonline because it drove me nuts having to PAY to look up information online that is the EXACT same as the information that I could look up at the local library IN the world book encyclopedia for free...... Wikipedia is the first big free encyclopedia but it's even better because it is online it has over a million articles and growing each day!

Check it out :)

Paul Said:

I like biology but I don't like chemistry! What major should I pick for college and what career?

We Answered:

Hey Drew..

You're in 5th year.. you should know by now that Biology & Physics cannot operate without Chemistry.

Chemistry is important for everything! But, I understand you.. I not a big fan of that either. Anyways, all careers (Doctor, Researcher, Professor) in Biology requires some background knowledge in First Year Chem, Organic Chem, Biochem.

So.. I suggest you suck it up and do those Chem courses. You don't have to do well in them.. just as long as you understand them. Then try doing macro-biology stuff that doesn't require a whole lotta chemistry (zoology, ecology, etc.)!

Hope it helps..

Priscilla Said:

Help me pick a topic for my biology essay!!!?

We Answered:

Sammy spring break is coming soon for the University of Texas and some of the students are planning a trip to Central America. Before they can leave they have to take precautions for Malaria.This might be a potential topic for your biology paper. I'll help you get started and then you can get more info for your paper. Malaria is Italian for bad air and up until the turn of the 20th century people thought that the disease might have been caused by the bad air in swamps. They could not have been more wrong. When the United States began the great undertaking of building the Panama canal Malaria was ravaging the workers that were involved in this great undertaking. It finally was discovered by the Physician Walter Reed what really caused Malaria. Malaria is actually a Parasite called Plasmodium. There are 3 types; Plasmodium Vivax,P Falciparum, and Ovale. The way that people are infected are by the bite of the female Mosquito. The main carrier is the Anopheles mosquito. Mosquitos have a very complex life cycle that should be included in your paper. They are responsible for a number of other diseases.The Plasmodium parasite also has a complicated life cycle that at one stage requires developing in snails. By the way when Walter Reed suspected that it was the mosquito that was the carrier he realized that the only way to confirm his hypothesis was to infect a human. Since this disease is highly fatal he could not ethically infect another human so he had a mosquito bite his arm. He ultimately caught the disease and died. It was the ultimate sacrifice for medical science. This disease is still a scourge of the world. I hope this helps and good luck

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