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Book Scholarships For College Students

Mark Said:

help buying college books..?

We Answered:

check out you can get almost any textbook (used) for a fraction of the price!

Roland Said:

How to acquire cash for college?

We Answered:

You have two options: student loans or grants & scholarships.

The best type of student loan to get is a federal government loan. Here's what you need to do to get one:

1) Fill out the FAFSA. This will determine if you are eligible for financial aid. Go here:

2) Once you are eligible for aid, choose a government-based student loan. The best loan to get is a Federal Perkins Loan. These have low interest rates and the government will help you pay it back as long as you stay enrolled in school. You also don't need a cosigner or good credit for it. For more info go here:…

3) The next best loan to get is a Subsidized Stafford Loan. This has many of the same benefits as a Perkins Loan. Learn more here:…

You can also try to get a grant or scholarship, which is free money that you won't have to pay back. You can read about them here:…

And here are some good sites that offer grants and scholarships:……

Good luck!

Alfredo Said:

Parents of first time college students ?

We Answered:

You sound like my mom, in a good way :) My mom had a million papers from my applications to my letters of recommendation to everything under the sun (my parents are very organized... if only i could be like that) But it is a lot of work but once your son/daughter gets in it's like a huge weight lifted off your shoulder. Just go through each thing step by step until you could cross it off your list of things you need to do or need to understand better. Try not to get too overwhelmed and just try to breathe :)

Marc Said:

Know any websites where I can find good scholarships for college?

We Answered: - try this site. It has info about different US scholarships for college students and their grades requirements.

Lydia Said:

College Students: Did your scholarships pay for room and board?

We Answered:

What the scholarship covers varies just as much as the type of scholarships out there. Some scholarships are very specific as to what the money may be used for. Others are just a lump sum they send to the college and it is deposited into your account there.

I personally was awarded scholarships that helped with my room and board slightly, some that covered tuition and fees, others that helped with books, and a few that were just checks written out to me personally.

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