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Budgeting For College Students

Dora Said:

What are some easy things to cook for a low budget college student?

We Answered:

noodles..spaghetti..hamburger helper..macaroni and cheese

Zachary Said:

is playing alot of trading card games and wargames on a college students budget a good idea?

We Answered:

While Magic: the Gathering and Warmachine can both cost money to maintain, if you do not have an addictive personality and feel you have to get everything all at once, both are good choices for their social and entertainment value.

Both hobbies can be expensive, but you can trade Magic cards to get the ones you want, or simply play what you have and have fun. Warmachine is a little different, but if you have a decent size force already, you can easily play the models you want to without going too deep into your budget. Also, if you have paints, paint your Warmachine army, or if you are confident enough in your painting skills, offer to paint miniatures for others for a little cash. One- it will make you a better/ faster painter; two- you will end up with a painted army of your own; and three- if you paint for money, you can buy more miniatures or cards as you see fit.

If you run cash poor, you can almost always play without digging into your pockets. Pack a lunch and enjoy the day.

Isaac Said:

Anyone have budgeting tips for a college student living off campus?

We Answered:

If you cook at home and buy cheaper food (e.g., pasta, peanut butter, etc) you could probably make it on $200 a month, easily. If you use coupons and stockpile when items you eat are on sale, you might be able to make it on $100/month.

Misty Said:

Television and Internet plans for low budget college students in San Francisco?

We Answered:

San Francisco Bay Area > Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Ted Said:

Three college students vacationing in Phoenix area. Tight budget. Is there any place to sleep for free?

We Answered:

Have you considered youth hostels? If you were thinking about sleeping in a car, the hostel might be a reasonable alternative.

Here is a link to one, as a sample -- $17 a bed…

Edwin Said:

How to eat a healthy vegan diet on a low budget (college student)?

We Answered:

Fake meats are a convenience food. A meat eater on a budget wouldn't buy tiny packages of pre-cooked chicken with lemon pepper, and a budget-minded vegan should not often buy the little packets of fake chicken strips, either. This having been said, I find that most brands of soy, almond, and rice milk don't break the budget. I buy it to go in my tea and on top of my oatmeal.

Some of the cheapest vegan foods are:

dried lentils
dried split peas
peanuts/peanut butter

Plain tempeh and tofu are not as cheap as the other foods I just listed, but they are cheaper than most fake meats, and I'm sure you'll want to eat them once in a while. You can make a simple tofu sandwich by slicing it, patting or squeezing it dry, and then frying it on a lightly-oiled pan. Sprinkle dried herbs, salt, and/or nutritional yeast on the top, and then flip to brown both sides. Serve on whole grain toast with your favorite toppings.

Tempeh can be marinated in soy sauce, with mirin, ginger, and/or garlic, if desired, and then added to a stir-fry. I also love this tempeh sausage recipe:

You can vary the herbs, and you can also use breadcrumbs or cracker crumbs (homemade for thrift) instead of flour.

Other ideas:

SImply cooked lentils over rice
Split pea soup
Baked cabbage (slice and bake, covered, for about 45 minutes at 350F, with sliced onions and/or a few pats of margarine if desired)

Steven Said:

anyone know of any rent houses or apartments for a college students budget in a decent residential area ?

We Answered:

no, sorry.

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