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Business Ideas For College Students

Terrence Said:

If you could make up any business targeting college students as the ones who would use it, what would it be?

We Answered:

How about an online book store?

Or an online dorm or apartment finder that is specifically for college students

Or a career finder website taylored to college students. You would have to find employers that are looking for straight out of college applicants. I dont even know if thats legal, but its a good idea. Its not like you are age discriminating, you can graduate at any age.

Elizabeth Said:

Small business ideas for college students?

We Answered:

This site provides quite a number of business ideas that can help you to brainstorm. Instead of listing all these here, you might want to check the link:…

Jill Said:

UK student about to go to college. Any ideas for a business I could run off fellow students?

We Answered:

you can run websites for student societies. you can also run the student entz (parties, club nights whatever, via a website, emailing them, organising stuff). computer fixing.

Dave Said:

Ideas for Reasonable Business to Run as Freshman College Student?

We Answered:

A online travel business with a free team building option that helps people is something to seriously consider, College students love to travel. If more information is desired, please send a message via the profile page.

Dan Said:

Just out of College and want to start a business but like most college students I am low on cash. What 2 do?

We Answered:

You should contact ome venture capitla or angel money investors. If you have a great idea, some education, and some flair to make it work they may just invest. Family is always a good bet or look for partners who have some cash and want someone educated who will work hard with them in exchange for a part ownership. Whatever you do to try and convince people you deserve their cash to start a lucritive business do a killer presentation and make the facts speak for themselves. I am happy to help more if you need me to...

Dawn Said:

What are some business ideas for a college student?

We Answered:

I studied business and worked as a DJ during college,
on my last year i tried Network Marketing and i earned twice more with half effort.
I finished last month and the time i worked in Network Marketing during the last year will keep giving me some money.

Now starting my own business as a party planner but Network Marketing will continue to be a complementary income always.

write me and i´ll tell you more about it.

Best Luck


Kirk Said:

Business Ideas for a college student?

We Answered:

collage student jobs... umm... drug dealer is the first thing that comes to mind.. but being as that is illegal, you shouldn;t do that..

look into selling things on amazon or becoming an affiliate... or selling stuff on ebay...

but you do not really mention your past work history, or special skills...

computer repair, upgrades, and custom build PCs...

flea markets on weekends.. depending on where you live.. some places have them all the time.. others rarely have any..

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