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Business Scholarships For College Students

Lucille Said:

please suggest me a good college in us to study business, in scholarship.?

We Answered:

man i'm looking for similar suggestion. what should i study to get scholarship in usa?

Billie Said:

Are there any Business Bursaries or scholarships for students from the Government?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Annette Said:

Is starting a business helping families find scholarships for the college-bound students a practical one?

We Answered:

First - congratulations!! $400,000 is quite impressive. You may very well be able to work that into a business opportunity, and I think you shoudl go for it. In fact, I'd be prepared for the inevitable - people will want your help finding the right school for their kids. Seems to me you could work that to your advantage: find a few good private college counsellors (recommendations are best), and make an agreement with those that don't help as much with finding scholarships - they agree to recommend you to their clients if you agree to recommend them to yours!

As for cost: The college counsellor I had normally charged $100/hour for the time we met (which was usually about 3-4 hours total per client) and nothing for the research and preparation time. Later, she charged me less when I wanted help finding a good graduate school since I was on my own dime.

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Pulau Seribu said:

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Studying college in the US is really expensive. It's generally cheaper to move to other continents, like Europe or Asia. They too have some good universities and I studied in Europe as well.