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Canada Colleges For International Students

Rick Said:

Colleges in BC, Canada for International student from USA?!?

We Answered:

Well, the obvious 3 choices in BC are University of British Columbia (UBC) which pretty dukes it out with U of T (in Ontario) for #1 in Canada. Then Simon Fraser University, which is another top choice. And then U Vic, which you've looked at.

Christopher Said:

Anyone in canada, i would like to be an international student?

We Answered:

Most universities in Canada have programs for international students. However, most universities make international students pay a higher tuition. For example, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, York University, Queen's University, University of Waterloo, and dozens of other universities have international student programs.

You have to go to each website to find the specific details for international students. Try going to for University of Toronto. Here's a listing of Canadian universities . Most should offer international student programs, just as long as your grades are good enough.

I'm not in Canada, but I know lots of people who went there for school as international students.

Terrance Said:

Police Foundations at the Colleges in Canada?

We Answered:

TriOS college offers a Police Foundations programme (which lasted for 52 weeks):…

If you are going to a college in Ontario, there are many colleges that offer the Police Foundations programme - mainly for a two-year diploma. Durham College is one example that offers that programme:…

Fanshawe College (in London, Ontario) also offers that programme:

My advice, do some research on finding the best college that offers the police foundations programme. I hope this helps.

Jack Said:

Does Canada give financial aid for international students who want to attend college ?

We Answered:


Edna Said:

Are there colleges in canada without differential fees for international student?

We Answered:

I am sorry but the answer is "no".

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