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Canadian Colleges For International Students

Andy Said:

Canadian Colleges...?

We Answered:

Unless you are / become a Canadian citizen it won't be cheap, you will be considered an international student, much like if a Canadian goes to university in the States.

Tammy Said:

how hard is it for an international student to get into a canadian college?

We Answered:

That's really hard to answer without knowing a specific institution and program. Do you mean a community college or a university? In what province? What kind of education system do you come from?

In Ontario, all university applications are done through one common website, and community college applications are done through another. In the other provinces that I know about, you apply directly to the institution. You'll fill out an on-line form, and arrange to have transcripts sent directly from your school. Depending on where you've studied, they might also want letters of reference, personal statements, and/or the results of standardised tests (if you are in the USA, they might want an SAT score, for example). If you haven't been studying in English, you will probably have to document your English abilities with the TOEFL. For students who have been studying in Canada, there are programs that admit anyone with a high school diploma and the right high school credits for that program, and there are others with admission cutoffs above 90% or admission that requires a portfolio or audition.

Nina Said:

Do I pay as a Canadian Student or as an International Student in this case?

We Answered:

If you're a Canadian citizen it doesn't matter that you've been overseas for any period of time. You're still a citizen and you're entitled to domestic tuition rates.

This shouldn't be your concern. Your concern should be ensuring that the curriculum and school you're at is recognized by Canadian universities and that you'll have all the courses you'll need to apply.

William Said:

cheap canadian colleges in british columbia for international students?

We Answered:

There is more government involvement in Canada. You are looking at around $35,000 Canadian Dollars a year for everything no matter where you go.

Brandon Said:

From Canadian College to American University?

We Answered:

Canadians are considered international students for US universities.

You do have to take the SATs to apply to most American universities. You can take them in Canada. Go to for more information on that.

You'll need to check the admissions requirements for each American university you're interested in to see if they, specifically, require the SATs.

In most fields, no, the process of actually becoming a US citizen is not much easier just because you're Canadian. What is easier in some fields is the process of obtaining a green card. If you come to the US with a skill that is in extreme demand, such as nursing, the green card process is eased, and that can speed the citizenship process.

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This shouldn't be your concern. Your concern should be ensuring that the curriculum and school you're at is recognized by Canadian universities and that you'll have all the courses you'll need to apply.

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