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Car Insurance For College Students

Leona Said:

Is Car Insurance higher for College Students?

We Answered:

It can be higher, but not because you're students. It's higher because you're at an age (18 - 22) that places you in a high risk group of drivers. More likely to speed, take chances, and have at-fault accidents.

Lance Said:

Car insurance for rentals & college students?

We Answered:

Depends wildly on where they live, and how much coverage they get, and what kind of car they have, and their driving records and credit scores.

Figure $1500 to $7,000 for the insurance.

No rental agency will rent to someone under 21, and if you're under 25, expect to pay a hefty surcharge, bringing the total basic rate to around $75 a day.

Jennifer Said:

how do college students pay for car insurance ?

We Answered:

Mine is cheap. It's just basic coverage. The stuff the state requires me to have. But it's under 100 a month.

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