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Card College Credit Student

Valerie Said:

should i get a college student credit card?

We Answered:

Short Answer: Yes, apply for the card. Pay your bill on time every month. Try not to carry a balance. Call every 3months and request a lower APR until you get down to that 8.99 percent. Call every six months to request a credit limit increase(I'm not encouraging you to spend more, but higher limits help your credit long as your not spending more). After you do good with this card for a year. Apply for an American Express Blue(not the student one). This card gives you free warranties and accidental damage on merchandise that you buy. DON''T EVER BE LATE OR MISS A PAYMENT AS THIS WILL STAY ON YOUR REPORT FOR 7YEARS.

Andrea Said:

What's a good 1st credit card for a college student?

We Answered:

The top 3 student credit cards are:
Capital One® No Hassle Cash RewardSM for Students
Bank of America® Student Platinum Plus® Visa® Credit Card
Discover® Student Card - Clear…

Joyce Said:

First Credit Card??? College Student in Need?

We Answered:

A credit card is a real bad way to buy items like that. And with new laws that went into effect recently, unless you have a job that would enable you to make payments, or your parents cosign, you wouldn't be approved to get a credit card anyway.

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