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Career Advice For College Students

Sean Said:

College student in need of some career advice.?

We Answered:

I have to believe that UC San Diego has a well developed career services center. You should be utilizing their resources, and find out what alliances they have with companies that are looking for UCSD "product" (you). If they are good they will have resources to prepare you and get you out for informational interviews, internships, summer internships, co-op, and interviews for jobs once you graduate.

People sometimes discount a college career center - but they shouldn't. Colleges basically stake their reputation on a career center to be successful in building relationships with companies that turn into successful hires. Because if the career center doesn't do a good job, then your education, and all the money you pay for it, has less value, and the reputation of the school becomes questionable.

Marion Said:

Career advice for a college student?

We Answered:

you might do better if the subject is of interest to you. So if CS works better for you, go for it!

Dwight Said:

Any tips about sales and a career for a college student?

We Answered:

For general career information: and can search 'advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations and sales managers' or such.

Frank Said:

I am a college student in need of some life turning career advice please help.?

We Answered:

Working 8 hours a day is the normal amount of time for almost everyone.

Realize that residency is only a year or two, so even if you work long hours, it's not forever. Also, some hospitals are doing away with the crazy hours, because it makes the doctor less accurate, which can harm the patient. So you can research which hospitals do that and apply to one of those for your residency.

Doctors do need to be on call some of the time, but there are specialties where the hours are pretty regular. Dermatologists, for example, rarely need to rush to an emergency, yet they can earn big money. You can also get a job in business where your MD will bring big bucks, but it'd be a 9 - 5 job. For example, pharmaceutical, medical device, medical software and health insurance companies all need a doctor or two.

Most big money careers require a big time commitment. Law, stockbrokering, business executive - all can require working long hours.

Choose something you will like doing every day. Does it have to pay top dollar? What about a job that pays a middle-class income, like nursing, radiology tech, etc? The hours are more regular. What about hospital administrator? Again, there may be times when you work extra, but it shouldn't be the norm.

Stephen Said:

Accounting college student seeking career advice....?

We Answered:

I am an accountant so I know that you can make good money in this profession. But, you can't do it instantly. To do well, you have to gain experience and be able to compete with other accountants for the best jobs. There are several ways to get yourself on the top of the list. You can sit for the CPA exam. (suggest you stack the odds in your favor by taking a prep class before you sit) After you have worked for a year or two, you can take classes at night or on weekends and get an MBA. (The MBA is more useful if you have some work experience before you get it) So, while you are going on job interviews, find out if any of your prospecive employers will pay for the CPA prep class or will pay for classes to get your MBA. A lot of employers will because they want you to improve. Some will even give you a promotion or raise if you complete your MBA or pass your CPA exam. Even if they won't, your resume will look really good and you will be in a position to find another more interesting job (ie Accounting Manager or Director) that pays more.

If this is still not enough money, maybe you should look into starting your own hedge fund. I hear those guys make really good money.

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