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Career And Colleges

Charlene Said:

Does anyone know any private colleges like American Career College that offer the LVN program in OC or LA?

We Answered:


Make SURE you go to an accredited school, there are alot of schools in socal that are not accredited right now, and you canot get your license if you graduate from a non-acreddited school.

I've gone to 3 schools so far, acc, trinity and CET in whittier to check them out....its hard to choose the right one!

has a forum. you can search california nurses lvn and find out a lot of interesing things

Douglas Said:

Whats the deal with these scammer career colleges?

We Answered:

The problems with colleges you're talking about (such as Devry) is that they are FOR PROFIT schools. Their main goal is to make money--not educate students. And many will pursue their goal of profit at the expense of giving anyone an actual education.

Most colleges in America, despite their high cost, are not-for-profit. The main goal is not to make money, but to educate students and conduct research in a variety of subjects. They cost a lot of money because it costs a lot of money to attract faculty, pay for campus maintanance, complete research, house students, etc.

My advice to you is to contact any association related to your chosen profession--there must be an agency that oversees education in the field of pharmacy tech, for example.

Here is a list from the NCCA of accredited medical assistant programs in California, for example.…

Good luck.
And you don't say why you don't want to go to a Junior College. Might it be a viable option for you?

Emily Said:

Radiology OR other health career colleges online?

We Answered:

You can easily compare info about these schools in this site -

Julian Said:

Can Someone please name 10 Private Career Colleges in Ontario? I need them in about 30 mins.?

We Answered:
this lists all the colleges in ontario

Lisa Said:

Why are career colleges better workforce than universities?

We Answered:

wtf there not

Lucille Said:

What are some good career colleges?

We Answered:

Start by looking at local public community colleges. They are much less expensive than private career colleges and usually offer instruction which is at least as good. They seldom require academic general education requirements for vocational career programs.

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college application resume sample said:

If you have a profession in thoughts then choose one that is well-known. if not then decide which college you want first, if you really don't know what you want to do then I would recommend choosing worldwide research or generous artist.

personal statement writing service said:

First, research prospective career and professions. Discover out what they have to provide and if they are of any distant attention to you. Then analysis universities. Discover out what they have to provide, what the common category dimension is, what the learners think of the higher education,

college prompts said:

The main thing is to go to an college where you'll be satisfied, and one from which you can graduate student and not be organised returning. College in the Phoenix wasteland will keep you returning from getting into a top 10 med schools.

college application deadlines said:

Career College is listed in the America data source as approved by the Accrediting Authorities for Separate Universities and Educational institutions which makes them identified as approved by the US Gov't.

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