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Career Aptitude Test For College Students

Julia Said:

How to Select Subjects in 10+1?

We Answered:

Hey, as far as I am concerned with your statement, first thing is go according to your interests. Now the next step would be choosing the right one.
Computer Science with First Group has good amount of opportunities. I think you can better go with that. All the best.

Bessie Said:

Is it a good idea to pursue psychonalysis as a career?

We Answered:

"Psychoanalysis" is a school of thought based on Freud's work. Although there are still a fair number of clinicians who work using this theoretical orientation, to say it is "fading" in its popularity (and viability) would be an understatement. Psychoanalysts can be psychiatrists (i.e., medical doctors) , psychologists (i.e., Ph.D.s and Psy.D.s), or master's level clinicians.

If you are interested in conducting psychotherapy (either psychoanalysis or other more modern forms such as cognitive behavioral therapy), you will probably want to go the Ph.D. or Psy.D. route. A master's degree is also a possibility, though your options are definitely more open with the Ph.D.

By the time you have completed your training, psychologists with the prerequisite training will likely have secured prescription privileges. Psychologists with the pre requisite training can already legally prescribe medication (limited formulary) in two states (i.e., LA and NM). Psychiatrists (i.e., medical doctors with specialty training in the field) rarely conduct psychotherapy. They primarily write prescriptions and conduct medication monitoring.

Your primary decision, then, will be whether you want to pursue an M.D. or a Ph.D./Psy.D. The versatility of the Ph.D./Psy.D. (psychologists) is expanding (especially with prescription privileges legislation pending in many states). This is probably the way to go.

It is important to note that you will not be able to practice straight out of college with any degree. The absolute bare minimum you will require is a master's degree. Stopping at the master's, however, would probably be a mistake.

For now, focus on deciding whether you want to go the medicine route or the psychology route. If you want to go with psychiatry (medicine), you'll need to major in one of the "hard" sciences. If you go the psychology route, you'll need to major in psychology (obviously).

Be sure to keep your grades up in high school AND undergrad. Both medical school and programs in graduate level psych are extremely competitive. That means you must have stellar grades, research, and preferably some work experience under your belt before you apply.

Best of luck to you in your future educational and vocational endeavors,

Sean Said:

What do you do if you want a career but don't know what you want to do forever?

We Answered:

I read your question and you other question as well, the one about being sick of living at home.

You sound like a smart person, since you're asking about the right job for you then the perfect-world answer would be "Do what you are passionate about", you say you always wanted to be a musician, then do it, its never too late, learn to play an instrument and start writing some music sheets and that's a start, but never forget who you really are, keep in mind that you worked hard for your 4 year degree so hold on to that until you have a firm alternate ground to stand on, you didn't mention what you studied, or maybe I missed it, but just keep looking for a good job and work on the other career as well, if you want to be a musician so learn an instrument and when you can play good enough for people to hire you to play, then you can let go of your day job and take another career.

Remember, its never too late to start again.

Alicia Said:

School/Career guidance for a smart but indecisive high schooler?

We Answered:

My eldest son was like that, (like his father, before him). I gave him his study funds and told him to find life. He did. Landed up on a farm outside London, harvesting onions, went to Holland, Germany, and back to London. Nine years and 25 jobs later he works for the government as a child counselor. (mostly councils too young mothers). Earns a small fortune. Between the two of us, we can tell you, if you know (what to do) when you are 30 ~ you are lucky, very well educated and learned. And settled, up to a point. You can't do any of that, being married with umpteen kids.

Jimmie Said:

I am looking for a copy of an aptitude test.?

We Answered:

Here are a couple really great career tests! They are two different but in comparing their results you could really figure out what direction you would like to take your career. I hope you enjoy them! I have taken them both and they both were pretty darn accurate :)

Good luck

Kay Said:

Career Choices - Any ideas on what I should do?

We Answered:

You said you like working with computers. How easily does programming come to you? If easy and you could see yourself as a programmer, know that there are plenty of companies that develop software for the medical industry. Your interests and background would come in handy, and that's definitely a goals-oriented 9-5 type job (once you establish your performance, you might put in 10 hours a day, or just 6 or even 4; your "success" is only measured by delivery of accurate code on-time.

I totally understand about the pharmacy schooling issue. I wanted to go to college for a Veterinarian degree until I saw how much school and the total debt that it would mean. Outrageous. So instead I went into programming and now I'm a mostly work-at-home contract programmer... very well paid too, and there have been times where I only work about 30 hours a week. (But there have also been times where I worked 60 hours a week, over holidays too, to meet an "impossible" deadline and earn a $10K bonus that the client promised as incentive for quick turnaround. And I met it!)

BUT... you really have to LOVE programming, because there are thousands of "eh" programmers out there who DON'T get paid a lot and work miserable corporate jobs. So it's got to be something you get excited over, especially when you create something that makes other people's workload easier and they tell you your program is the "coolest thing ever". And there's definitely a LOT of problem solving, even to the point of total frustration, where you have to just keep at it.

But if you're "good" and earn a reputation as being fast and accurate, you can definitely pay the mortgage and then some.

Susan Said:

Looking for a career aptitude test to help me determine what I should do next...?

We Answered:

Google Holland Interest Inventory. You couuld become a Vet Asst. to find your way. A one yr certificate or two yr. diploma would be all you need. Get in touch if u have Q's sweetums!

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