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Career Quiz For College Students

Shannon Said:

Career Help?

We Answered:

Check out this page. It contains detailed analysis of most of the common careers. Knowing what each career looks like is the first step for you. Good luck!

Raul Said:

Can someone recommend a career matching quiz/test online?

We Answered:


Regina Said:

Poll: Based on this quiz what college major should you be?

We Answered:

i just found out that i don't want to repair computers for my career. i want a career that entertains people

Shirley Said:

Help Me Find a College Please?

We Answered:

Those are ok....but a student with your grades and extracurriculars could go somewhere better. IF you are looking for astrophysics, Princeton has a great program there. MIT is THE BEST ENGINEERING University in the WORLD. Its hard to get into, but you could probably do it. Keep up the good work.

Tracy Said:

Quiz Help: Questions about Fahrenheit451!?

We Answered:

here are all your answers

Terrance Said:

Major college/life problem?

We Answered:

.....Dear Mandark, I understand your frustration. You really should try to find something in an area that you enjoy, which in your case seems to be writing. I think I have to disagree with you about not being able to find a good paying job in that field. With the way a lot of students write today, if you can write well, there might, indeed, be a place for you out there. I think you should go talk to someone at the school of journalism if there is one at your school. If there isn't one, then go to a school that has one and talk to them about it. I also did a quick search for careers in writing and there are quite a few. How about going to this website and checking them out:…

From reading your question, you write pretty well. Best of luck. :-)

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