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Eva Said:

How do i deal with a difficult teacher?

We Answered:

Okay - reality check. This is distance ed., which is different from a face-to-face setting. You can't really expect charm and personal attention. Distance-ed isn't designed for that, and can't do that.

Second - this is NOT like college. In college, the professor walks-in and starts talking. You start writing. If you're lucky, he's funny. If not, you still need to keep writing. He tells you to read, and you read. In college you would not take a quiz every day. You would take 4 tests, and your grade would be based on those four tests.

Finally, you have to realize that some teachers are excellent, some teachers are good, some teachers are average, and yes -- some are crummy. Maybe his presentation stinks. I have never taught with a web-cam, but I would imagine it is pretty tough. To be honest, sometimes you learn BECAUSE of the teacher, and sometimes you learn IN SPITE of the teacher. But - you still have to learn.

So - you've got a choice to make. You can stick it out, study hard, and get your credit. Or, you can drop-out and take the class another term. Maybe you'll get a warm-fuzzy instructor. Maybe you'll get Mr. Personality again. My advice - if you think you can pull-out a B or better, hang in there. You're already getting used to his style, and that's the tough part.

Finally - at the end of the semester (or when you drop the class) write a letter to the administrator, and tell him/her why you decided to drop. Most distance-ed schools only get paid when students complete the course.

Kent Said:

How do I make this decision?

We Answered:

Any degree. Take a few accounting classes--no need for a major. Get a CPA.

Ignore the recession, except live within your means. If you wait for good times to start a family and pursue the career you want, you will never stop waiting.

Tanya Said:

How to deal with this social life situation (emerging) and manage my mother and college PLZ READ PLZ?

We Answered:

I can definitely see that you are distressed and i also admit that you had a rocky childhood. But let me tell you the activities you are up to right now is escapism from your responsibilities. The best thing to do would be to talk to your mother and let her know what you are going through. I am sure if she is has reared you up alone for so many years, she will understand you.

Kay Said:

Im going to fail a college scared!!! Is my career over?

We Answered:

First of all, Breath... Yes a failed class looks bad, but you can definitely get by with one. I would seriously, seriously stress meeting with your advisors and explaining this to them, they have always helped me when I don't know what to do in school. Also if the class is for your major, then you are required to retake it, in that case sin up again only under a different professor. When you meet with your advisor see if there is any place where you can read reviews on professors, on my schools website they have student written reviews on every class and professor. If it is not required that you take this class, then in the future don't take it again. Yes it will affect your GPA, but your cumulative will not be destroyed by one class, I would even suggest taking an easier class and striving for an A in it. I understand exactly what it is like to have a crappy teacher and everyone assume its your fault you're doing bad in school. Professors have made and broken classes for me many times its a part of school. What ever you do don't give up because of this one class if worst comes to worst take a summer class or a class at a community college to boost your GPA and get your credits back on track. Most importantly meet with an advisor though. Your school career is definitely not over because of this and even if it sets you back a semester don't lose motivation it will hurt you more! Keep up with the readings as you have been and maybe visit during your professors office hours to explain your troubles. I hope this helps! Good luck and keep your head up!

Nina Said:

What should I do during the winter break?

We Answered:

Let it first be said that it is great that some sort of "resting" is included in your plan for winter break. Colleges give you a month long break because usually that's the amount of time most students need to recuperate— especially after all those tests, quizzes and internships. While most would prefer to vegg out in front of the TV, you understand that it's probably best to stay remotely productive. So visiting a country that you aspire to teach in is not only an excellent way to have a mini vacation, but it's also a great resume builder.

As far as what other students do during winter break, this article describes a bunch of different things college students do to keep themselves busy during the summer. The seasons are different but the ideas can be applied to both breaks… . The article already mentions traveling for educational purposes (which you plan on doing) but you can also try to get another internship if that idea doesn't work out. Or you can try to get a seasonal job—which can also help you build your resume and put some extra cash in your pocket for the holidays. The article also suggests just using this precious time to complete personal projects such as tackling that book you never have time to read during the school year because you're busy studying. Or you can finish up a personal project that you've been putting on hold.

You can also use your free time to work on your body—meaning now you have a free time to go to the gym and reexamine your eating habits.

Rick Said:


We Answered:
you can get all the info on the collleges you wanna look at on there
just type in teh college name!

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