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Sharon Said:

Would anyone be willing to proof read my college application essay?

We Answered:

change the 'myself' in the second sentence. you never use 'myself' unless you are doing so reflexively. Replace it with 'me' because it is the object. Add 'a' between "longer loving" where you describe your father. Add a coma in the second to last paragraph before "and I could not possible respect...." Change the comma between "vital" and "hard work" to a semicolon, since they're both independent clauses.

By the way, your essay is really good, and your mother seems like a wonderful person. Kudos to both of you for putting a positive spin on what life threw at you two. Good luck with the application process!

Honestly, PE2008, she didn't ask on whether to scrap it or not; she asked for input. At least put a constructive spin on your feedback. Oh, and "maudlin" describes self-pitying in relation to being drunk. If that's not an obvious thesaurus fail, then I don't know what is. If you're so intelligent, give her some tangible feedback.

I would go into explaining how maudlin has connotations relating to drunkenness, and that it is an inappropriate choice of words, but there is clearly no reasoning with this tool. Here's to hoping that those big words make you feel better about yourself :)

Beverly Said:

What subject would be good to teach as a college professor?

We Answered:

You'd need at least a masters degree in your field (6-7 years of college) to teach at the 2-year college level and a PhD in your field (8-12 years of college) to teach at a 4-year college or university. English, philosophy, history etc professors are not in demand - there are many more people in those fields with PhDs who want to teach than there are faculty jobs. Each job gets hundreds of applications. More in-demand fields (although still not very in demand) are in the physical sciences and engineering. Those pay a lot more as well - when English PhDs are beginning for a job, you don't have to offer them much money.

Leslie Said:

Trouble with choosing a college major?

We Answered:

My son is in the same boat as you. He is now 23 yrs old and still does not have a major he is passionate about. He has completed all the undergraduate classes and then went on to start taking classes in different fields of study to see what he liked, none fit.
The college and university has really been no help. When I ask him about it he just says "I dont know what I want to do with the Rest of My Life", end of story.
He has changed majors 3 times since he was getting pressure to pick his major. He started in Business Admin, then went to Computer Science, and then Psychology. Each time someone like family or friends convinced him this was the best major to choose.Now he has wasted two extra years and is no closer to his BA.

Here are my suggestions as I am a college graduate who never when into her field of study. I got a degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology minor. I went into training in my field but never stay with it because I got married and had children. My family was more important at the time. But I can say just getting the degree is useful. It helps you get jobs, training in fields that excludes those without degrees, and you can get promotions faster.

So, find one field of study you connect with and that use your talents and that you like alot. If you can not find one take Liberal Arts. Just get that degree it is important for life. You can always take additional classes (1 or 2 yrs) later in life to change fields or work. I know some students who took 3 and 4 BS degrees and now they are well rounded and can get most jobs. The degree is the most important thing not necessarily the field of study. But do find something you at least like so it wont bore you.

Talk with the career counselor. They have tests you can take to work with your skills and talents. They can pinpoint certain degrees that can help you get the job you want. Just remember, you are never locked into a job you hate or are not good at. Your passions may change over the years. Mine did. Right out of college I went into business with my husband and never looked back. We have owned many businesses over the years and have been very successful never worring about money. And now since I am semi-retired I can still use my degree to teach at the local college. And my degree helped me so much mentor teens in several volunteer orgainzations.
Search your heart for what will make you happy, then follow that route to sucess.

Good Luck

Leah Said:

Best way to choose a major/college? Scholarship help?

We Answered:

First off, you don't need to decide and plan out your entire future now. Take your time. It's okay if you don't know what to do yet. I wouldn't trust skills tests. Sometimes it's possible to be very good at something, but that doesn't mean you like doing it. I know a guy who is very good at math, and would be a good mathematician, but he doesn't want to do that because he doesn't enjoy it. The best way to know if you're meant to do something is to try it out and see if you fall in love with it. Do summer volunteer work at a research hospital and see if you like it. Take classes in biology and chemistry in college (pre-med. classes) and see if you like them. Then take a range of other classes and see what you fall in love with. Once you find something you love, then you will know what to major in. Many people change majors 2-3 times before deciding, and what a freshman says they want to major in will probably change before they graduate.

As far as financial aid goes, fill out the FASA and CSS profile (if the schools you apply to need it) and see what federal aid you can get. Also, depending on what state you live in, you can get scholarships from your state government. Keep in mind that any school you apply to should offer you a financial aid package of scholarships, loans, and grants to attend. If they don't give you any money, then you probably don't want to go to that school. Lastly, a good way to get scholarships is to look for local scholarships from your community. Apply for the $500 ones and look for them in your counseling center and local library. Those small $500 local scholarships can really add up and pay for books.

Jill Said:

I just graduated College: I need a nudge in what to do next, help?

We Answered:

Sounds like you aren't ready to be looking for your "career" job. I was there for a while as well. I suggest looking for something that is very interesting to you that you won't be able to do when you have to settle down when you have your career job, a family, and whatever else prevents you from doing your thing. I looked into some outdoor jobs in Colorado cause I love being outside and I always wanted to live in Colorado.

There is also a program called WOOF, I think it stands for world organization of organic farming or something like that. Anyway, you sign up to work for a farm, and they have this all over the world. If there is somewhere you have always wanted to go, and I mean any country, I can almost guarantee there will be a farm there. Anyway the deal is you agree to work for the farm for a said amount of hours every day, and its not ever full time. Often its only 4 or 5 hrs a day. Then you are free to do whatever the rest of the day. You can travel that area or whatever. I found a cool one in Hawaii where everyone goes to the beach every morning for sunrise and surfs. Then they do meditation and then breakfast and start their day. I also found ones in India, I have always wanted to go there as well.

I don't know if you are into the outdoors thing like me, but you get the idea of going and doing something random but completely awesome in your own opinion. The idea is you will be living to the fullest and you will give yourself time to find what makes you happy and what you can see yourself doing for a long time as a career.

If you like traveling I suggest WOOF, or also - it is a organization where you can find a free place to stay at someone's house, this is also available all over the world.

So, my friend, I suggest you and Google spend some time together searching your interests and finding an opportunity for yourself. If you want to stay career minded and find a real job, I suggest Google again to help you see what type of jobs are available. I didn't really use the info you gave about your major and ideas because there doesn't seem to be much correlation between your ideas, and they also seem to be more your mom's ideas and your friends. Trust me, don't use there ideas! You need to find what will make you happy! I had the opportunity to do a job short term that I absolutely hated. I thought I should do the job because it matched with my major in college, but it did not match with me at all. So follow your heart, follow your interests, and the right job and opportunity will open for you! God has a plan for you!

I hope this helped, and hopefully it wasn't too long!

God bless!

ez e

Kristin Said:

Would you vote for me for governor of New York?

We Answered:

No, sorry, I wouldn't vote for you. You didn't touch on matters that are important to me, and you are making too many promises that you likely wouldn't be able to keep. Also, when you said "decrease the numbers of abortions," you didn't outline a plan.

You sound like you would have a very difficult time keeping church and state separate - I wouldn't vote for anyone who would impose their religious beliefs on others, or let those beliefs influence their decision-making process.

I wanted to hear: "Respect for the Consitution as the ultimate authority and deciding factor when considering legislation."

"Legalize drugs (at least cannabis) and cripple the black market and drug dealers in so doing."

"Repeal asset forfeiture laws, and demilitarize the police."

"Privatization, decrease the size and scope of government."

"Free market."

I vote Libertarian, most of the time.

Don't worry, I think you would appeal to many Republicans or other right-wing types. I take issue with your lack of plans - I want to see exactly HOW you plan on doing these things. Then again, I'm in that two percent who actually follow politics very closely, and demand action, not words. Most people will vote for you if they like what you say. They won't care whether or not you'll actually follow through. Therefore, you'd have a decent shot of geting elected. You sound pretty intelligent for your age. Plenty of time to narrow your focus and strengthen your platform.

Pauline Said:

is American justice system corrupted?

We Answered:

Of course!

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