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Cars For College Students

Kathleen Said:

How many cars are owned by college / graduate students in the US?

We Answered:

No one has that information. Motor vehicle registration is a responsibility of the State, and States don't ask what your occupation is when you register a vehicle. The only way one can find this out is if you somehow got hold of a list of all the registered owners of vehicles in a State and you called up all the owners and asked them if they're a student. Either that or get hold of the registrars list of a particular school, call up all the students on the list and ask if they own a car. You would then have to repeat this for every school in the U.S. (read: impossible task).

Kristen Said:

Question for college students: how old is your car?

We Answered:

When i went to college (in 1980) I drove a 68 VW

Crystal Said:

Any tips for buying cars w/ low car payments for college students?

We Answered:

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the best transportation for you at this stage of life is probably a bicycle. If you can't afford a reliable car, then the insurance, maintenance (and campus parking fees) will just eat up all your spare cash. Save your money until you graduate and find a job to pay for something better.

Theresa Said:

Do most on live on campus college students own cars?

We Answered:

depends, a lot of colleges now don't allow freshmen to have vehicles on campus.

you could get a part time job to help you with money

Amy Said:

What are the best cars for college students?

We Answered:

have a budget?

nice used civic, mazda3, camry, sentra, altima, maxima......all will fit 5 people and have enough 'pep' and somewhat of a fun-factor for you. all also have good gas mileage and are attractive and definitely reliable :) if you can, find something with an extended warranty!

Fred Said:

What colleges are good for students without cars?

We Answered:

I attend ASU, and I'm fine without a car. As long as you don't have an off campus job, it is very easy to survive on campus or an apartment complex nearby (like The Vue or Vista del Sol.) You can purchase an $80 pass as an ASU that gives you unlimited access to the lighrail and the Metro buses for the school. (A day pass on the lightrail and bus costs $1.85 each) Also, many people at ASU have cars and are willing to drive you as long as it's on their way, you pay them, or they were going to that same location anyway. If you plan out your schedule, the bus and lightrail really aren't awful to take as long as it's not 110 degrees out.

Not sure about U of A as I only visited there when I was looking at colleges. My mom rented a car (as we are from Minnesota and flew down here) and it seemed like it would have been difficult to use public transportation or walk.

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