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Cheap Colleges In London For International Students

Mitchell Said:

International Scholarships for American students?! please help?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Leslie Said:

I am American and was thinking about the Universities in Engaland and how I can learn about them and how I ...

We Answered:


Check the international finances carefully! Your "8,000 to 12,000" may very well be in Pound Sterling units, and at the current exchange rate it takes nearly two US Dollars to make one British Pound. If this is the case, the cost in USD is really $16000 to $24000 per year in your example, or about the same as private institutions in the USA (besides the fact that London is quite an expensive place to live).

If you are set on spending $20000 a year on tuition, then so be it, but carefully consider your definition of a "decent college" as one that costs $25K. There are good publicly subsidized institutions in the US, just depends on your stte residency status...

If you wanted, you could definitely do it (you have to be accepted like anyone else, of course).

The big ones in London are King's College London and Imperial College London (both part of the broader University of London "system"), see There are other biggies as well obviously, e.g., Cambridge, Oxford, St Andrews, U. Edinburgh.

Emma Said:

If a wanted to go to a University in England would I be able to and how can I find out about............?

We Answered:

If she's at the strongest university in London, that has to be one of the schools affiliated with University of London. Could be University College, London; Imperial College, London; London School of Economics; or King's College.

For your friend, it probably costs about 3000 GBP, that's about $6,000 US. But for international, non-European Union students, that cost should at least double - I'd think it would be about 8,000 GPB, which is about $16,000 US. Each university's webpage actually lists the costs charged to non-EU students. Start with the pages for University College London.

There are some "bursaries" given to international students, but you'd be more likely to get financial aid if you stay in the US. In the US, things like grants and loans can help you fund your college.

Is it your belief that you won't qualify for student aid? If that's true, then a better value for you even than the UK may be schools in Canada. If you have to pay the full amount for tuition and etc. for a US private school, the cost for a comperable private Canadian university will work out cheaper. For example, it will cost you less, even as an international student, to go to McGill University (Montreal) instead of Boston University, and the academics are roughly comperable. Again, check the McGill U webpages, because they talk about international tuition and fees. A lot of Americans go to Canada to university for this very reason.

Another option for you is to attend a good quality state school in the US. If you're an in-state student, you get a significant tuition discount. And some of the best universities in the US, and in the world, are amongst the state universities. Don't discount them just because they aren't private colleges and don't cost $25,000 per year.


Note that, because the pre-K through 12 school systems differ between the UK and the US, most UK universities will not admit US students unless they either have an IB diploma, rather than a regular high school diploma, or else they have one year of college under them already. Again, check the webpages for U London to learn more. They go into this in detail.

Note also that the university system is quite different. For example, in the US, you can change your major quite easily. In the UK, it can be difficult to impossible to change your major. In the US, most degrees take four years. In the UK, they take three (again, the pre-K through 12 systems are different - they've taken one extra year of schooling by the time they are 18 than kids in the US have). In the US, most classes are taught in some sort of lecture format. In the UK, a lot of them (and at some universities, the vast majority of them) are taught in either small group or one-on-one seminar formats. In the US, you may have homework, due by a certain date, and graded, plus 2-3 exams. In the UK, you may only have independant study up until the final exam.

So, in conclusion, a university in the UK may still end up being cheaper than a private university in the US, but you won't qualify for as much aid. However, if you already know that you won't get much US financial aid, it may be an option, if you've done the right route, academically. Another option is the university system in Canada. And don't forget the strong state universities in the US, which tend to be cheaper than private colleges even for out-of-state students.

Max Said:

cheap colleges in UK .. any one can help ?

We Answered:

Why don't you stay here and take up courses that are recognized globally.
There are many colleges and institutions in India that are associated with international Universities and Colleges.
You may find some demanding courses here

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