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Cheap Colleges In Uk For International Students

Naomi Said:

the best college of tech in uk with cheapest tution fees for international student?

We Answered:

do a college search.

Harry Said:

Would it be cheaper to go to university in the UK?

We Answered:

I attend a UK university as a postgraduate. Even if you are a dual US/EU citizen, many, if not most UK schools will ask you where you lived for the past three years and you may have to pay the international rate if you haven't been resident in the EU. Check with the universities- most, if not all, have this information on their websites.
When determining the cost of attending university, consider that your living expenses may be higher in the UK, especially in London. It just depends where you are planning to go to school.
As for tuition, it depends. Attending the London School of Economics is cheaper than Harvard if you are paying out of pocket, but you may qualify for more scholarships and grants at Harvard.
Textbooks will generally cost less in the UK. Factor in flights back to the US for summer break, internships, etc. Once agin, it all depends.Will you need a car? That can alter the equation as well. I don't know if UCAS charges fees since I did my undergraduate study in the US, but application fees for US schools can really add up.
Finally, keep in mind that if you want to go to grad school in the US, some schools may want you to take a fourth year of classes if you don't have enough credits from AP or a local community college. Check with some universities on this. I know that most graduates of European universities who embark on doctoral programs in the US do so with a masters rather than a bachelor's degree like those who attended US universities. On the UK side, universities will want you to have taken O or A level exams, so check with them if you meet their requirements for entry. A passel of AP courses will probably satisfy them.
Another factor is to think about where you want to live and work after graduation, or if you are interested in a specific program. These can override many, if not all, cost concerns.
In short, it all depends. Consider all details, and do a cost-benefit analysis. Good luck no matter which country you choose....

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