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Cheap Meals For College Students

Emily Said:

What are some cheap, healthy meals for a college student?

We Answered:

Burritos are great - all you need are tortillas, cheese, salsa, rice (if you have it) and beans. wrap it up and stick it in the toaster oven or even the microwave.

You can also just make a nice bowl of beans and rice and cheese with a tortilla for munching.

We like to make breakfast burritos too - I know you said breakfast was all good - but these can make an easy quick dinner too. It's just a flour tortilla, salsa, scrambled eggs, meat (if you want it), cheese, beans, and potatoes (also optional).

I love toasted cheese and tomato soup - easy, cheap and add a salad for a fairly decent meal.

breaded chicken is fairly cheap and you can use it for a few meals. You can make Chicken Parmesan (chicken breaded with egg and breadcrumbs, laid in a bed of pasta sauce in the pan, put cheese on top and bake at 350 for about 30 min). You can have that for dinner by itself with some steamed veggies, then, another night, cut up some pieces and serve with some pasta. Then, another night, you can use the leftover chicken to make a tasty chicken salad with greens veggies and a nice dressing.

The key to cheap meals is making them yourself, out of real ingredients, which makes them naturally healthier to! It does take a bit more time, but if you plan well you can make homemade dishes on the weekend when you have time, and then eat left-overs during the week when you have class.

Marshall Said:

List of cheap meals for college student?

We Answered:

egg fried rice - simple to cook, very yummi
tuna fish sandwich and apples
grilled cheese and tomato soup
stir-fry and rice (quick and can use various meat, i sometime use the horse shoe shaped turkey sausage)
sushi and soup
you can put frozen ravioli in water, with a few cubes of chicken broth, mushrooms, basil, parsley, pepper and boil for about 10's really good
chili dogs (sausage or hot dogs)
salad of course.
Bruschetta - tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, red onions, basil, tad of Italian dressing
turkey wrap
quesadilla's it's very easy to make these.
spaghetti and corn
salmon - put a piece of frozen salmon in aluminum foil with frozen veggies, season with teriyaki or ginger sauce and bake.
breakfast food
fried/sautéed shrimp

i cook all these things, they aren't time consuming. I use and tweak recipes. I experiment. I'm 23 and have been doing this since 20

Samuel Said:

Cheap and healthy meals for a college student?

We Answered:

sometimes getting a protein shake supplement from the health store is a good idea, as you're bound to skip meals, or replace meals with alcohol, or if you're eating cheap, you may be missing essential proteins.

PB&J's on whole wheat bread is cheap, and healthy, just don't over do the jelly or peanut butter. This also creates a complex protein which is very healthy and good for a student who needs energy to stay away during class or studying, or going out all night drinking.

Pasta is always cheap.

beans and rice is another complex protein. There's various ways to prepare this... my favorite is black beans and spanish rice, or refried beans and mexican rice.... etc. Or a cajun style red beans and rice.

Oatmeal is healthy, but you'll want to stay away from the onces that are instant, as they have a ton of sugar. Buy plain oats, then add your own brown sugar and cinnamon, or frozen fruit. Cinnamon is supposed to aid in weight loss too.

Nuts. There not the cheapest, but a small handful of raw almonds is very heart healthy... and if you're only consuming 1 handful a day, they will last a long time.

Tuna sandwiches

When buying veggies, don't get stuff that is pre-packaged or pre cut. Buying celery in a bunch or whole carrot sticks will save you money, than if you buy those tiny baby carrots. Also, check to see what veggies/fruits are on sale when you hit up the store. Don't go overboard and buy a ton at once, as they will go bad. Sometimes when shopping on a budget you need to be more aware and plan ahead when buying stuff that has an expiration date. If you're buying bananas, don't be afraid to take a few off the bunch and buy only 2 or 3 at a time.

Taco salad. Cheap, easy.

Leah Said:

Extremely cheap / healthy meals for college student?

We Answered:

When I was in law school, I lived on rice. It is cheap, available in bulk, doesn't spoil, and fills you up.
You can make a big pot of rice on the weekend and use it all week in different recipes...

Rice + soy sauce + frozen veggies + scrambled egg for protein = stir fry
Rice + canned kidney or black beans for protein = dirty rice
Dirty rice (above) + leftover chicken and/or sausage + salsa = kind of like a jambalaya
Dirty rice + cheese + salsa + tortilla = burrito
Chicken broth + leftover chicken + rice + veggies = chicken soup

Edward Said:

Healthy cheap meals - for a college student?

We Answered:

You can buy healthy frozen meals, such as stir-fry already made as well as healthy tv dinners like lean-cruisine if want something that quick. I ate alot of chucky soup in college and thats healthy for and fills you up. Salads are quick and easy to make and can even buy prepackaged ones. Also I ate alot of pasta which is cheap and easy to make as well as alot of oatmeal.

Tom Said:

Cheap meals for college student?

We Answered:

A can of heated up black beans poured over white rice. If you have a rice cooker it's a cinch to do the rice (if you don't, go to a thrift store, they always have one), and nothing can be easier than heating up a can of beans. It's actually pretty yummy once you put some salt and/or some cheese on top. More yummy than Ramen, anyway.

Baked potatoes are really cheap too...just buy a bag of potatoes (a 10 lb bag of potatoes where I live is like $2) and some toppings. They don't take long, either, if you put them in the microwave. Not QUITE as tasty as baked in the oven, but I think for the time you save, it's worth it. Poke holes with a fork in the washed raw potato, slather it with butter, put it in the microwave on a plate under a bowl for 7 or 8 minutes, and voila!

Eggs are another marvelously cheap food, so you could make eggs sometime. Vary it up and make fried, hard boiled, scrambled, etc... Pancake mix is very cheap, so you could have eggs and pancakes - breakfast for dinner.

Grilled cheese sandwiches are cheap too... spread butter on one side of a piece of bread, put some cheese on top of the other side of the bread, put another piece of buttered bread on top (butter facing up away from the cheese), then grill it in a pan like you would a pancake. I like to dip my grilled sandwiches in tomato soup (less than $1 a can).

Hot dogs are pretty darn cheap and easy too, if you're not picky about brand names (we get the kind that are 88 cents for a package of 8).

Pretty much any recipe you find that has bread, eggs, potatoes, hot dogs, pasta, canned veggies.... it's all super cheap.

You also may want to look up this Youtube blog that I found one time... it's called Depression Cooking with Clara. It's this 90 year old woman who was a little girl during the Great Depression and teaches you how to cook all the foods her dad made for her when they were super poor during the Depression. My husband and I have made quite a few of them. :)

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