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Cheap Medical Insurance For College Students

Ramon Said:

Editing help......???

We Answered:

now i have to edit it, yay................

Seth Said:

Help! Health Insurance Plan Advice?

We Answered:

I agree with you, the EPO is the best option. You could probably get away with the lowest option, but you're only saving $39.00 for month, and a $2000. max is pretty low. Insurance is like gambling. You try to predict what will happen this year, medically. Based on the past, you probably don't need much, but there's no way to be sure. As you said, if something unexpected happens, you want to be able to get excellent care without hesitation.

Maurice Said:

Would or do you prefer Communism over Socialism in this country?Which are we more headed towards?

We Answered:

We're heading toward Fascism which has all the worst elements of communism and socialism and is another way of taking peoples rights away.

Rachel Said:

I Have A College Degree In Marketing, Would Like To Go Back & Become A Teacher, How Do I Do It?

We Answered:

you pretty much have to have been a phys ed or health major in college in order to get a teaching certification in that. you will need to go back and complete that major simultaneously with completing your teaching certificate. i estimate at least 3 years of college for this.

my husband had the same problem. he was a philosophy/ asian studies double major. but there is no teaching certificate for either of those so he was forced to get certified in elementary education. you can be any major for that. it will be taking him about 2 years to get the cert. then he is going one more year to get the masters.

if you are willing to work in an urban area you might be able to do the provisional route, where they get you a teaching job and then send you to school at night.

before you do any teaching, i believe you have to obtain your substitute license. it takes about 3 months to do that. you have to contact your county's department of education to find out how.

unfortunately, i don't think that there is a way for you to do this without going back to school for at least 2 years.

it's not easy to get any job in this economy, but i wish you luck.

Javier Said:

heHelp! TB TEST...?

We Answered:

Does your college have a student health center? They are extremely inexpensive. They probably will do the ppd. The police station or sheriff station can finger print you. The school health may be able to do the physical; otherwise one of those walk-in clinics or minute clinics should be about the cheapest.

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