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Cheap Textbooks For College Students

Annette Said:

Where Do You Buy Your College Textbooks?

We Answered:

At the college I went to, they had a program for those that were on a limited income or on scholarships or grants and didn't have enough to buy the books from campus book store.

Basically it is this:

All the books were used and in fairly good shape and were donated by upperclassmen and they got credit for donating them on their accounts. Unlike where you take them back to the bookstore at the end of the semester for credit towards the next books you have to buy and where they didnt' give you no where near enough to really matter.

BUT and here is the catch----not just anyone could get books here, it was strictly for those on a limited income, kinda like getting free lunch in grade school. You had to get the forms filled out before first semester started and then submit them in time in order to find out if you were approved or not. If so then you were allowed to get the books here at a major discount, like 75% off or better. You were then required to return the books here after you were done with the classes so that they can then be passed on to others. If you didn't return them you were charged 25.00 per book you don't return. Which if you choose to keep the books, is not a bad deal as you could use them later on if need be.

You might want to see about getting this at your school by suggesting it to the student council or even the dean of the school. I thought this was a great thing for all the kids, it made college truely affordable for those that were on a fixed income.

Good luck to you. And if you have anymore questions about this or would like more details about it, just let me know. I would be happy to help.

Virgil Said:

I can't find my needed college textbooks online? Please help?!?

We Answered:

Borrowing a copy means getting one from the library. Your professor doesn't just have copies lying around - he/she has their own copy, and they need that one. Do NOT try asking them for a copy.

Bessie Said:

Does the publish date on textbooks matter?

We Answered:

Yes, your book will be different. But the real question is will it be so different that you can't use it and still get an A in class. That question varies from book to book. Ask your teacher. The teacher probably is familiar with the textbook and can tell you whether there were substantive changes from one edition to the next. Many times the changes are VERY MINOR. The cover of your book will be different, but you'd have to search for the other changes. Buying an older edition can be a good way to save $ on textbooks, but there is a small risk. In areas that change rapidly you may want to stick to the current edition, but even then the info in textbooks is out-of-date by the time they are published. Some day we will all be using digital textbooks and will laugh about how antiquated this paper system was. In the meantime, I'd go with the older edition to save a buck. Other tips for saving a buck are in the attached article.

Joseph Said:

How much do you usually spend on books and school supplies for college?

We Answered:

I usually spent about $400-$500 on textbooks alone. School supplies are never a problem for me-- I always shopped on Black Friday or right before school started for school supplies so they were usually cheaper.

I reccomend getting used textbooks 100%. is a great place to buy textbooks.

Andrea Said:

international text books for US college students?

We Answered:

yes does this... but you need to make sure its the uk amazon .com here is the link

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